Genshin Impact Furnishings Blueprint - How to Get, Learn and Craft New Blueprints

Genshin Impact Furnishings Blueprint is what you can purchase and use to be able to build new items for your Serenitea Pot. Like with every new system introduced to the game people are trying to figure out how they work. The game is rather user friendly, but some things may be confusing. These Furnishing schematics are the main source of new things for you to place in your housing realm. They can be furniture or whole decoration sets. We’ll explain how to get, learn and then craft new furnishing blueprints in Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact Furnishings Blueprint Get Learn and Craft New Blueprints

Where to Buy Genshin Impact Furnishing Schematics?

They are bought from various vendors in the world. These master carpenters sell furnishing schematics and even furnishing set blueprints. One is located in the south of Qingce Village. Other can be found in the south of Mondstadt, near the fountains. You can also purchase new blueprints from Tubby the teapot spirit when you choose the Realm Depot option. These cost realm currency. Buying the schematic is just the first step. When you try to craft it inside your housing realm it probably won’t be there and you’ll be wondering why I can’t use my new blueprints. You’ll have to learn it and then craft it to be able to place it. That is covered in the next section. If you want more details and a list of what each vendor sells check out our Genshin Impact Furniture Blueprint Vendor Locations guide. On the other hand, you can buy special items from Teapot Traveling Salesman who will visit your realm every weekend.

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How to Learn and Craft New Furniture Blueprints?

You got your schematic and entered Serenitea pot, but then, Tubby doesn’t have the blueprint you just purchased available for crafting. Where are my new furniture blueprints? You have to learn them first. To do so, open your inventory after you purchase the blueprint. Click on the new schematic and you should have a Use action available in the lower right of the screen. Once you use it go inside the teapot realm. Talk to Tubby, the teapot spirit. It should, now, have the recipe available for crafting. You’ll still need the necessary materials, but that’s a whole different matter.

How to Learn and Craft New Furniture Blueprints Genshin Impact

To create new furniture blueprints you’ll need the materials. Some of these materials are collected in the world, like wood. Cloth and dye are crafted inside the house spirit interface. Next to the icon for creating furnishing schematics is a little picture of a glass bottle. This lets you create fabric and different dyes. Once you have your wood, fabric and dyes click on create in lower right of the furnishing creation screen.

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