Genshin Impact Furniture Blueprint Vendor Locations - Furnishings Shop

Furniture blueprint vendors, or furnishing shops, are new NPCs that you can visit in order to purchase blueprints for stuff to put in your home in the Serenitea realm. They are in several places on the Genshin Impact map, and they sell a variety of potentially interesting stuff. If you have the Mora to purchase them, of course. To help you on your journey, here’s our Genshin Impact Furniture Blueprint Vendor Locations – Furnishings Shop guide.

genshin impact furniture blueprint vendor locations furnishings shop
Genshin Impact Furniture Blueprint Vendor Locations – Furnishings Shop

Where to Find Furniture Blueprint Vendor Locations & Furnishings Shops in Genshin Impact

#1 To find furniture blueprint vendors in Genshin Impact (or furnishings shops, if you will), there are two places that you can look. Well, two places that we’ve found so far. The first one is called Goth, and he’s an old man that appears near one of the fountains in the south of Mondstadt. He seems to only appear during the day. Below, you’ll find his location and a list of what he’s selling.

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where to find furniture blueprint vendor locations genshin impact
Mondstadt furniture blueprint vendor
  • Deadwood Road Sign – 25,000 Mora
  • Lightning Protective Tent – 50,000 Mora
  • Simple Single-Person Tent – 50,000 Mora
  • Adventurer Camp – 50,000 Mora

#2 The second furnishing blueprint vendor is in Qignce Village, in the south. You’re looking for a small guy called Master Lu. He’s much younger than Goth, and has a dark mustache. Trust me, you’ll find him fairly easily. Once again, you can see where he is and what he sells below. Note: we found him at night, so that might be the only time when he’s around, but we don’t know for sure.

furniture blueprint vendor genshin impact locations
Qingce Village furniture blueprint vendor
  • The Adventurer’s Burdens – 50,000 Mora
  • Lone and Cautious Adventurer – 50,000 Mora
  • Dialogue Twixt Ancient Tree and Rock – 50,000 Mora

#3 While we are waiting for new furnishing vendors to pop up on the map, you can buy special items from Teapot Traveling Salesman who will visit your realm every weekend.

So, those are the Genshin Impact furniture blueprint vendor locations we’ve come across so far. They might not be the only ones, of course; we’re all still in early stages of discovering the new content. If you’ve found other locations, let us all know in the comments. In case you need further help with it all, check out our other guides, such as Pine Wood Locations and Realm Layout – Floating Abode, Emerald Peak, Cool Isle.

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