Guide to Freedom Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact Guide to Freedom is a special item that you can find and is used to upgrade certain talents of different characters. Given the purpose of the item, figuring out where to find the Guide to Freedom in Genshin Impact is gonna become important at some point. Unfortunately, this particular thing isn’t exactly the most common find. So, in our Guide to Freedom Genshin Impact guide, we’re going to show you where to look for it.

guide to freedom genshin impact
Guide to Freedom Genshin Impact

Where to Find Genshin Impact Guide to Freedom?

To find the Guide to Freedom in Genshin Impact, there’s a specific location in Dragonspine, south of the lake near Springvale. It’s called Forsaken Rift, and you can see the exact place in the images below. Once you get there, look for a cave with braziers at each side of the entrance. There’s a door in the cave with a red-glowing flower pattern on it. So, what you need to do is go inside and, well, play through until you get the Guide to Freedom.

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This is, unfortunately, much easier said than done. For one, you have to be Adventure Rank of 27 or above to enter through the door. As if that weren’t bad enough, it seems that the Guide to Freedom only appears in Forsaken Rift on Mondays and Thursdays. So, not only must you have a fairly high Adventure Rank, but it also has to be the right day of the week. Maybe you can fudge it a bit by changing the date on your PC/console, but we’re not sure about that, we haven’t tried it ourselves.

All that said, there is a slight chance for the Guide to Freedom to appear at a souvenir shop or some other vendor. However, I wouldn’t bank on that much. Also, there might be other places that the item can spawn in some other places that we don’t know of, so let us know in the comments. And, if you need more help with the game, check out some of our other Genshin Impact guides. For example, we’ve got Spiral Abyss – How to Get to Musk Reef, Stone of Remembrance – Nine Pillars of Peace, and Witness Sigil – Find Place Where You Can Witness Whole Sigil.

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