Spiral Abyss Genshin Impact - How to Get to Musk Reef

Spiral Abyss is a domain in Genshin Impact. It’s an instanced dungeon which refreshes every so often, and a great source of various resources and materials. The entrance is located on Musk Reef, the seemingly-unreachable island east of Mondstadt. If you’re wondering how the Spiral Abyss dungeon works, or how to reach it, our Genshin Impact Spiral Abyss guide will show you how to get to Musk Reef, what to do once you’re there.

spiral abyss genshin impact how to get to musk reef
Spiral Abyss Genshin Impact – How to Get To Musk Reef

How to get to Musk Reef?

In order to reach the island, you’ll have to go to Cape Oath, the area at the tip of the Galesong Hill peninsula. If you look at the sky there, you’ll notice a big purple portal. That’s the only way to get to Musk Reef. To reach the portal, you’ll first have to activate the wind current by guiding the three spirits to the receptacles around the stone circle.

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How to unlock Spiral Abyss?

In order to set foot into the Spiral Abyss, you’ll need to be at least adventure rank 20. Only the first floor will be unlocked when you arrive. It consists of three chambers, each with unique bonuses, challenges and enemies. You can earn 3 stars in each chamber by completing the challenges. It’s usually the same challenge, only with increasingly strict conditions – for instance, to complete the room in less than X seconds.

You need at least 6 stars to unlock the second floor, which is easier said than done. Make sure you make use of the specific bonuses you get – if Pyro damage is increased, prioritize a character who does Pyro damage. Every month, the conditions in the spire change, and you’re awarded the right to skip a number of floors based on how well you did the month before.

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