Gusha Celi Boya, Lata Boya Sada, Unta Mosi Dada Time in Genshin Impact Hilichurl Event

Gusha Celi Boya and Lata Boya Sada are phrases you’ll have to decipher for Genshin Impact Hilichurl Event Day 4. For your final step you’ll have to know which time is Unta Mosi Dada. Mimi Toro hilichurl event takes you and Ella Musk and has you talking to hilichurl. You have to decipher certain hilichurl phrases and words using the event manual. It is not a precise science and requires you to take a few guesses. We’ll help you complete day four Genshin Impact Mosi Dada event by providing answers to what Gusha Celi Boya and Lata Boya Sada means and which time Unta Mosi Dada is.

Gusha Celi Boya Lata Boya Sada Unta Mosi Dada time Genshin Impact

Gusha Celi Boya Genshin Impact Item

For the fourth step of the Mimi Toro event you’ll be sent to a Restless hilichurl. Right off the bat he’ll request an item from you. He says he wants Gusha Celi Boya. Open the event manual if you want to try and decipher it yourself. It says that Gusha means vegetable and can be fruit, rice or wheat depending on context. Celi can mean various things from hot to light. It is the Boya part that gave it away for me. Celi Boya means red in hilichurl. This means that Gusha Celi Boya is a red vegetable. Give him a Jueyun Chili or a Tomato. An apple might work as well, but I’m not sure. Tomato and Chili are confirmed working.

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jueyun chili gusha celi boya genshin impact

Lata Boya Sada Genshin Impact Hilichurl event item

Cheeky hilichurl goes on to ask for another thing right away. Lata Boya Sada is what he wants. Going to the event manual you’ll figure that Boya when combined with Lata comes out as Lata Boya and means blue. Last part of the phrase gives a hint about what kind of blue item the hilichurl wants. Sada means solid or hard. Go into your inventory and then look for a solid blue item. We chose to give him a Magical Crystal Chunk. Seemed to be the bluest of them all. You can also give him a regular Crystal Chunk. It feels more turquoise, but it doesn’t seem to matter to hilichurl.

lata boya sada genshin impact

Unta Mosi Dada Time in Genshin Impact

You’ll finally see some action. The Restless Hilichurl sends you to find some bad guys. HE also says you can find them there at Unta Mosi Dada. Those who played the event before will recognize this because it’s been used before. It means “The wonderful time from lunch till just before sunset.”. All four phrases used in this event describe a certain quarter of the day. This one points to time between noon and 6pm. Go to the designated spot and click on the Time icon in the main left-hand menu. Choose the appropriate time and you’ll fight some Unusual hilichurls.

Unta Mosi Dada Clue Solution Genshin Impact Mimi Tomo event
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    Tip: Don’t stand next to the edge of the mountain when fighting the boss. Hilichurl guards will easily push you off the edge.

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