Hiromi Watch Genshin Impact Location

Genshin Impact Hiromi Watch is a world quest that you can complete, but the issue is figuring out how to start it, aka the location of Hiromi, the NPC that gives you the mission. A lot of people know where he appears, but can’t make him spawn. Once you do manage to begin Hiromi’s Watch, there are still a few potential stumbling blocks, such as where to find the location of Big Sis and other characters that are key to the quest. So, in our Hiromi Watch Genshin Impact Location guide, we’ll show you how to start and complete the quest.

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hiromi watch genshin impact location
Hiromi Watch Genshin Impact Location

Where to Find Genshin Impact Hiromi Watch NPC – How to Start Quest

To find the NPC that starts the Hiromi’s Watch quest, aka Hiromi, you need to go west of the bridge connecting the two sides of Inazuma City. There’s a large, wooden platform there, and you need to glide all the way below it, to the water level. You’ll find a small piece of beach down there, and Hiromi will be standing there. However, there’s a catch. He won’t spawn until you find the item called “Someone’s Drifting Bottle” in the southeast “tail” of Dragonspine. There are three bottles you’ll have to find before you get this item, and we’ll show you their locations in the map below. If that’s not enough for you, check out our video below.

How to Complete Hiromi’s Watch Quest

To complete the Genshin Impact Hiromi Watch quest, after you’ve talked with Hiromi, you kinda just have to follow wherever the quest takes you. The first location is in the north of Narukami Island, in the northeast of Arauma. You need to find and speak with Kazu. He’ll be standing near the water and a few wrecked boats. Then, you need to travel all the way to the east, to the south of the Mt. Aocang area, back on the continent. There, you’ll need to find Sun Yu near one of the bridges.

Then we get to the heart of the quest – finding “Big Sis.” She will be at the location marked on your map. You’ll have to glide down to the bottom of a hole and break the orange crystal to reveal Yan’er. Talk to her, then go back to the surface and talk again. To complete the quest, find Harumi again at the docks of Ritou, in the northwest of Narukami Island. For an extra little bonus, check out the location of the restaurant. Again, take a gander at our video if you need extra assistance with any of these steps.

big sis location hiromi watch
Big Sis location (break the orange crystal)
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