How to Unlock Palace in Pool Domain - Genshin Impact Puzzle

The Palace in the Pool is a new Genshin Impact domain that you can unlock after you solve a series of difficult puzzles. This Suigetsu Pool is located on an island northeast from Watatsumi Island. In order to fully unlock this submerged domain, you will need to complete all of these puzzles. In this How to Unlock Palace in Pool Domain – Genshin Impact Puzzle guide, we will take you through all the necessary steps you need to do to unlock Umigozen’s Mansion. Because the solutions for these puzzles are often very involved and can’t be easily expressed through words alone, we’ve also recorded the solution in our video, which you can watch at the bottom of the article.

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How to Unlock Palace in Pool Domain - Genshin Impact Puzzle

Genshin Impact How to Unlock Palace in Pool Domain

Go to the Suigetsu Pool. You will see a large pool filled with water and surrounded by several Electro Pillars. You need to activate all of these. In our video below, we’ve covered this entire process. Once all of these have been activated, the water will lower, but only halfway. Jump into the pool. You will see an opening, so swim through here until you reach the other end. Climb up the tree root. You will see that there are three little mechanisms here that you can activate. After all three have been activated, the gate will open. Defeat the slimes and proceed to the next room. Climb up the wall to your right until you reach the top. Once there, activate the mechanism and water will completely go down and the Palace in Pool Domain will be unlocked.

Press the lever to open the gate and go to the door of Umigozen’s Mansion. Interact with it and you will now be able to enter the Palace in the Pool. And now you know how to unlock Palace in Pool Domain – Genshin Impact Puzzle. If you have any other puzzles or quests you are struggling with, check out our Genshin Impact archives for a solution. In the meantime, happy gaming!

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