Kaboomball Kombat Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact Kaboomball Kombat is a new event that you can play to earn all kinds of rewards, including up to 240 Primogems and much more. Needless to say, Travelers have a bunch of questions about the event. For example, how do I start the Kaboomball Kombat event? How do I play it? How do I get all of those rewards? Well, we’ll be answering all of those questions in our Kaboomball Kombat Genshin Impact guide.

kaboomball kombat genshin impact
Kaboomball Kombat Genshin Impact

How to Start Genshin Impact Kaboomball Kombat

To start the Kaboomball Kombat event in Genshin Impact, you just have to get into the game. If you’re Adventure Rank 21 or above, you’ll get the quest called “Big Badaboom Battle.” It will take you straight to the island with the blue dome in Golden Apple Archipelago, aka Dodoco Island. You don’t need to complete all of the Archipelago chapters to participate.

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Just follow the quest marker to the Kaboomball court and interact with Albedo’s painting which will be nearby. Yes, the one that looks like a bunny with a crown in a barrel. From there, you can either begin a solo match, or use matchmaking to play with someone else. However you choose to do it, the game plays pretty much the same, which brings me to our next topic.

How to Play Kaboombal Kombat in Genshin Impact

To play Genshin Impact Kaboomball Kombat, you have to use your Dodoguard to return Kaboomballs that the Fortresses fire at you in order to damage and destroy them. Depending on your timing, you can get either a Normal Return or a Perfect Return. The latter does more damage, and you’ll know that you did it by the little star effect that shows up. Also, don’t forget that you can dash.

As you deal damage to the Dodo Fortress, its fury meter goes up. When it’s full, the Fortress enters the Fury Faze, where it fires more balls, and has a higher chance of firing Special Kaboomballs (more on that in a bit). Also, the Fortresses will sometimes put up a big red shield that you can only destroy with Perfect Returns. It’ll take a bit of practice, but you’ll get it eventually.

During a round of Genshin Impact Kaboomball Kombat, you might encounter Special Kamboomballs. These have different effects, depending on the type. Some of them are good for you, and some are really bad. Here’s a list.

  • Super-Simple Ball – Regular ball
  • Foggy-Groggy Ball – If it hits you and you can’t return it, it obscures your vision
  • Chilly-Frilly Ball – If it hits you and you can’t return it, it applies Cryo on you and slows you down
  • Breezy-Burny Ball – Deals greater damage when returned
  • Matter-Chatter Ball – After a successful return shot, the Fortress fires three Kaboomballs in quick succession
  • Twisty-Turny Ball – Flight trajectory is very unpredictable

One more thing to keep in mind are the Shazamfruits that will spawn on the court. There are three of them, and they all help you in some manner. Once more, here’s a list.

  • Zoom-Fwoom Fruit – Increases your movement speed for a short duration
  • Fury Fruit – Increases Fury or extends the duration of the Dodofortress’s Fury Faze
  • Ping Pong Fruit – Dodoguards automatically return Kaboomballs for a short duration

How to Get Kaboomball Kombat Rewards

To get the rewards from Kaboomball Kombat in Genshin Impact, you need to earn Enigma Gears. You do that by completing various challenges, which you can keep track of in the event menu. These can vary from getting a certain score, defeating a certain number of Dodo Fortresses, and the like.

After you earn some Enigma Gears, head into the event shop to spend them. The rewards you can purchase include up to 240 Primogems, Mora, Hero’s Wit, talent books, and a special Name Card. You’ll need a total of 4200 Gears to buy everything, so get to playing!

The Kaboomball Kombat event will last from July 2nd to July 12th, but the shop will stay open until July 16th. In other words, you have ten days to grind Gears, and few extra days to spend them. Also, keep in mind that two more Chapters will unlock on July 4th and July 6th.

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