Kazuha Birthday Genshin Impact - Kazuha Special Dish

October 29th is here again and you know what that means – it’s Kaedehara Kazuha’s birthday! Ever since he was released, this 5 Star, sword-wielding Anemo user has been very well received by fans. Like other characters in Genshin Impact do on their birthdays, he will send you a letter. You will find this letter in your mailbox and, as a small token of his affection, Kazuha will cook his signature dishes, the All-Weather Beauty & Dry-Braised Salted Fish for you. This Kazuha Birthday Genshin Impact – Kazuha Special Dish guide will tell you everything you need to know about these food items, as well as where to buy their recipes.

Kazuha Birthday Genshin Impact - Kazuha Special Dish

Kazuha Birthday Genshin Impact – Kazuha Special Dish All-Weather Beauty & Dry-Braised Salted Fish

An excerpt from Kazuha’s letter reads: “Indeed, the morning winds tell me of an auspicious visitor today. I have prepared some tea in advance and would greatly appreciate it if you would stay for dinner, so I could roast a fish for the both of us. This is one of my favorite seafood dishes. A little simple and rustic, but I hope it is to your taste.” The dish he is referring to is the All-Weather Beauty. The description for this recipe highlights the connection to Kazuha: “Kaedehara Kazuha’s specialty. Made from fish that have been dried on the ship. Kazuha claims that they were completely ordinary fish. But this flavor… this must surely be the definition of free, all-embracing nature, no?”

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When you read the letter, you will have the option to then claim your rewards. You will get x1 All-Weather Beauty and x1 Guide to Diligence. The All-Weather Beauty is a powerful food item, and it will restore 16% of Max HP and an additional 1350 HP to the character that eats it. To create it, Kazuha will need to do the cooking. It is the variant of the Dry-Braised Salted Fish, which provides a similar, but weaker effect (8/9/10% of Max HP and an additional 800/1,000/1,200 HP, depending on quality). If you want to make this dish, its recipe can be bought from Ryouko in Ritou. It costs 1250 Mora. We have marked the location of this character on the map in the screenshot down below.

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