New World Trading Post Bug

The New World Trading post bug is making a mess of the game’s auction house. It’s causing people who are trying to sell items without the gold they would have earned in the transaction, and players trying to buy items without the wares the purchased fair and square. So, people are wondering what’s causing this issue and what they can do about it. Well, that’s excatly what we’ll be discussing in this guide, so let’s dive right in.

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new world trading post bug
New World Trading Post Bug

Trading Post Bug – New World Auction House

So, first off, what is the cause of the New World Trading Post auction house bug? Well, as has been reported by numerous players and outlets, it happens when a buy or sell order is completed when one of the sides is offline. So, say you want to sell something, and you put up a sell order. You then go offline. While you’re offline, another player purchases your wares. You come back online, and you see that the items you offered are gone, but you won’t get any gold. Same goes if you’re trying to buy something. If the order is finished while you’re offline, you’ll lose the gold you offered, but won’t get the stuff you were trying to purchase. It’s an absolute nightmare.

At the time of writing, there is no known fix or workaround for this issue. The best we can tell you is to stay away from the Trading Post until the devs roll out a fix, or always stay online. Or, now that you know what’s causing the New World Trading Post bug wracking the auction house, maybe you can finagle it to your advantage. Maybe you can start buying and/or selling and trying to complete orders while the other side is offline. You won’t exactly be getting stuff for free, but you will “bend over” the other player, at least temporarily. It’s not the most sporting move, and I certainly don’t recommend doing it, but hey… you could conceivably do it.

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