Key to Some Place Locations Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact Key to Some Place locations are places where you can find these poorly-named items in order to open a specific gate in Tatarasuna. Behind this gate are many valuable prizes, however, including a weapon diagram that unlocks an achievement (and a powerful weapon once you craft it). So, you really want to figure out where to find all three Keys to Some Place. That’s exactly what we’ll be showing you in our Key to Some Place Locations Genshin Impact guide.

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key to some place locations genshin impact
Key to Some Place Locations Genshin Impact

Where to Find Genshin Impact Key to Some Place Locations

To find all the Genshin Impact “Key to Some Place” locations, you need to open specific chests scattered around Tatarasuna. The first key is in a chest to the northeast and below the teleport waypoint in the south of Tatarasuna, about midway down the cliff, near the remains of a broken bridge. The easiest way to reach it is to leap from the waypoint and glide down.

where to find genshin impact key to some place locations
First key location

The second key is in the town of Tatarasuna. Specifically, you will find the chest it’s in on the top of one of the tall houses in the uppermost ring of the settlement. We reached it by once again gliding from the cliffs above the town, but you can use whatever method is easiest for you.

genshin impact key to some place locations
Second key location

The third and final Key to Some Place in Genshin Impact location is to the northeast of the town. When you go to the location showed below, you’ll see a decrepit tower. Summon an Electrogram from the nearby tree and go into the electric dome. Head down the first set of stairs and look left, and you’ll see a crack in the tower. Go inside that crack to find the chest holding the key.

all key to some places locations genshin impact where to find
Third key location

How to Use Key To Some Place Items in Genshin Impact

To use the Genshin Impact Key to Some Place items after finding their locations, go down to the bottom of the town of Tatarasuna and head to the southwest. You’ll find a gate in the cliff wall. Approach and interact with it, and the game will prompt you to use the three keys. Once you open the gate and waltz inside, you’ll be attacked by several fairly powerful enemies, so get ready to party. After you clear the cave out, loot everything in sight. There’s an Electroculus in there, but more importantly, you’ll find an Exquisite Chest, inside which is a weapon blueprint (and 30 Primogems). It’s called Katsuragikiri Nagamasa, and collecting it will earn you the Blade of Tatara achievement.

how to use genshin impact key to some place
Gate location
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