O Archon, Have I Done Right Genshin Impact

The Genshin Impact O Archon, Have I Done Right quest is a bit of a mystery at the time of writing. People want to know how to get this quest, but can’t seem to find it. Well, the first problem here is that the quest is a daily commission, so you’ll have to just wait and get lucky to run into the quest. We’ll share everything we know about it in our O Archon, Have I Done Right Genshin Impact guide.

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o archon have i done right genshin impact
O Archon, Have I Done Right Genshin Impact

How to Get Genshin Impact O Archon, Have I Done Right Quest

To get the “O Archon, Have I Done Right” quest in Genshin Impact, it seems like you have to get a daily commission that requires you to find an NPC called Shouta. Apparently, this boy appears near the shrine in the Inazuma City stairway. He gives you the quest called “O Archon, Hear Me,” which we assume then branches off towards the quest we’re actually talking about here. Now, you might have picked up on the fact that I’m being very vague about all this, and that’s because we couldn’t verify whether all this is true or not, because we haven’t gotten Shouta’s daily yet, so we have to go off what other people say.

Moreover, I’ve searched a few databases, and none of them even mention the “Have I Done Right” quest. The only one I’ve seen is “O Archon, Hear Me.” That confuses me to no end, because these databases are usually on point. So, it might be that the Genshin Impact “O Archon, Have I Done Right” quest might not even be in the game yet, but I can’t say for sure. However, this is all conjecture on my part. If you have any info on this mission, by all means, let us know in the comments below.

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