Simple Tomb Locations & Dendrobium Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact Simple Tomb locations and Dendrobium are two ingredients that you need in order to earn the “They Shall Not Grow Old” achievement. Specifically, you need to find all six Simple Tombs and place a Dendrobium flower on each of them. It’s an odyssey that will take you all around Yashiori Island while finding the hidden tombs, one of which is particularly difficult to find. That’s why we’ll walk you through the entire process in our Simple Tomb Locations & Dendrobium Genshin Impact guide, in which we’ll show you where to find both the tombs and the flowers.

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simple tomb locations & dendrobium genshin impact
Simple Tomb Locations & Dendrobium Genshin Impact

Where to Find Genshin Impact Simple Tomb Locations

To find the Simple Tomb locations in Genshin Impact, you’ll have to go to six different places on Yashiori Island. What you’re looking for is a tombstone with a katana sticking out of the grave. When out in the open, they’re easy to spot, but a few of them are hidden behind trees and bushes and whatnot. Plus, the sixth and final one is behind several puzzles and a mini-boss. So, here are a few brief descriptions of their locations, along with a map of them and a solution to the hardest of the above-mentioned puzzles.

  1. In the north of the tiny, unnamed island south of Jakotsu Mine, on the edge, behind two dead trees.
  2. On the beach east of Higi Village, at the bottom of the cliff.
  3. At the bottom of the cliff east of Fort Fujitou, among some foliage.
  4. On the east edge of the small island south of the Nazuchi Beach teleport waypoint.
  5. Halfway down the cliff below the teleport waypoint southeast of Serpent’s Head, east of Maguu Kenki boss.
  6. Inside the mouth of the Serpent’s Head, there’s a closed grate. To open it, find the little ball of electricity on one of the teeth. When you approach it, it will run away. Keep following it until you chase it into the skull and the grate opens. Drop down one level and pull the lever hidden in the alcove. Drop down another level and pull the switches in the order shown below. Fall to the bottom and defeat the boss to find the final Genshin Impact Simple Tomb location. For more details, check out our Serpent Head Puzzle Solution guide.

What you need to do at each simple tomb location in Genshin Impact is to place a Dendrobium flower on each of them (more on that below). Going through this whole process earns you the “They Shall Not Grow Old” achievement. I assume it’s a reference to Peter Jackson’s documentary about World War I, which is as strange as it is neat.

Genshin Impact Dendrobium Locations

The location where you can find the most Genshin Impact Dendrobium flowers is Nazuchi Beach, which is the strip of land connecting Kannazuka and Yashiori Island. Around the center of the strip is a large-ish rock, around which you can find around three Dendrobium flowers. To the south of it is a small, wrecked ship, and there’s two more flowers there. Lastly, head to the west, and you’ll see another Dendrobium among three smaller rocks. They’re all fairly easy to spot, since they’re bright red. Also, there’s probably more Dendrobium to find in the general area, but for the purposes of the Simple Tomb quest, you’ll only need six. You’ll find the places we’ve mentioned marked on the map below.

dendrobium locations genshin impact simple tombs where to find
Dendrobium locations
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