Lantern Riddle - Guests in Qingce Genshin Impact

Guests in Qingce lantern riddles in Genshin Impact are a step in the quest where you’ll need to solve and answer the riddles correctly. Now, the riddles in Guests in Qingce aren’t too difficult, especially because they’re multiple choice questions. However, you might get stuck if you’re not paying attention, or are a new player and haven’t yet explored the world. If you can’t figure out how to solve the lantern riddles in Guests in Qingce, then our Lantern Riddle – Guests in Qingce Genshin Impact guide is the right place for you.

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lantern riddle guests in qingce genshin impact
Lantern Riddle – Guests in Qingce Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact Lantern Riddle Solutions Guests in Qingce

Lantern Riddles in Genshin Impact Guests in Qingce are fairly obvious, as long as you carefully read them. By the way, this quest unlocks after you complete Latern Rite: Part III Light Upon the Sea, and, after getting the answers correctly, you get access to five more quests – The Illumiscreen: III, Guardians of Countryside, The Gift of Lantern, Verses and Vistas of Lantern Ride (Part II). So, with all of that said, let’s get into the Lantern Riddles and answers.

The first Guests in Qingce riddle goes like this: “Rock-hard flesh and bamboo bones. Lives in the city with thousands of clones. Pitch-black sea marks the end of its flight. Within its body hides resplendent light.” The answer is, obviously, Xiao Lantern. It’s not Paimon, and most certainly isn’t boiled fish.

The second Genshin Impact lantern riddle in Guests in Qingce reads: “A bamboo tube with powdered stone. Burns in the night as bright as the sun. It roars like thunder, very frightening. But it summons ash instead of lightning.” We can safely disregard Baron Bunny as the correct answer, and Xiao Lanterns definitely don’t roar like anything, let alone thunder. So, the correct answer has to be Firecrackers.

The third and final lantern riddle in Guests in Qingce is as follows: “Watch me rise from Wanmin and ride the wind to Jueyun. But if my string is broken, I flail and plummet to oblivion.” That doesn’t sound like dandelions, to be sure, and is a little to specific to be an adventurer using a wind glider. That leaves us with one answer – Kites.

Each correct answer rewards you with one cooking ingredient. The first one gives you a bird egg, the second a frog, and the third a potato. And, as we’ve said, it also unlocks access to five more quests for you to complete.

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