River Raid New Abilities - Shoulder Bash, Battlecry, Berserker Trap AC Valhalla

River raid abilites are new powers that have been added to Assassin’s Creed Valhalla in the latest update. There’s three of them – Should Bash, Battlecry & Berserker. Each one is unlocked by finding a specific book of knowledge, and all the books are hidden in locations along the rivers you’re supposed to raid in the new game mode. If you’re wondering where to find them and what they do, our AC Valhalla River Raid new abilities guide will show you everything you need to know.

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ac valhalla river raid new abilities shoulder bash battlecry berserker trap
River Raid New Abilities – Shoulder Bash, Battlecry, Berserker Trap AC Valhalla

Shoulder Bash

The Shoulder Bash ability is pretty self-explanatory – Eivor performs a shoulder bash that pushes enemies and can destroy breakable objects.

We found it during a raid of the Island Monastery on the River Severn map. It’s below the church, in the catacombs accessible through a nearby cave.

Battlecry ability

The Battlecry ability allows Eivor to let out a scream that frightens enemies, interrupting any attacks they might have planned on performing. It’s a great defensive tool, especially when you’re surrounded by a bunch of pikemen all trying to stab you at once, which happens more often than you’d expect in the river raids.

We found this book of knowledge on the River Dee map, at the Cliffside Monastery. When you approach the stairs, head left, behind the scaffolding. You’ll find a crawlspace that leads to the book.

Berserker Trap

The Berserker Trap ability allows Eivor to attach a hallucinatory trap to their arrows. The trap is triggered by proximity.

This ability book is also located on the River Dee raid map. We found it in the Riverside Monastery, in the northeastern corner of the map. The entrance to the catacombs where the book is is located south from the monastery, next to a pond in a relatively deep hole.

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    Is there a level 2 for these abilities yet? I’ve got the Druid expansion and haven’t found the level 2 for any of these yet. Hopefully someone can point me in the right direction.

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