Look for That Person Genshin Impact

In the Look for that Person Genshin Impact quest step, which is a part of the The Five Colors’ True Form mission, you need to talk to a specific NPC. This mysterious individual is the “mastermind” behind everything else that has happened in the quest. The problem is that the search zone is fairly wide, so it’s not super-easy to find “that person.” So, let’s find out who this is, shall we?

look for that person genshin impact
Look for That Person Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact Look for That Person

To complete the Look for That Person step in the Genshin Impact The Five Colors’ True Form quest, you need to find the one person that has been pulling the strings throughout the whole mission. The game gives you a relatively wide search circle that encompasses the entirety of Ritou. It has a number of different NPCs to choose from. However, from your dialogue with Paimon just before, we know that it has to be someone who knows all of you, and also has connections with the Kaedahara Clan. That is none other than Kamisato Ayato. You’ll find him standing in the south of the search zone, next to the store called Eipekkusu. The screenshot below will show you exactly where he is.

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genshin impact look for that person five colors true form
“That person” location (click to enlarge)

All you need to do to finish the Genshin Impact Look for That Person step of the The Five Colors’ True Form quest is talk to Kamisato. He will explain what’s going on, so you’ll have the complete picture. I won’t spoil what the “grand design” is. Do know that the quest is not over after you have this chat; there are two more steps. You’ll have to return to the plaza and change the clock to anywhere from 00:00 to 05:00, then splash water on the portrait of Kuronushi. I think that’s as far as I’m willing to go into spoiler territory. If you need more help finding “that person,” check out our video on the subject.

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