Vampire Survivors Item Combinations, Evolution & Synergy

Vampire Survivors has taken Steam by the storm in 2022. A pocket change price and insanely fun gameplay have resulted in over 85,000 overwhelmingly positive reviews on Steam. Seemingly simple, the game offers a variety of interesting characters, weapons, passive bonuses and power-ups for players to combine. Given that that game doesn’t really have tutorials or even tips, knowing what works best in what combination can be a tricky task. In this article, you will find all weapon evolutions and weapons and items synergies.

Vampire Survivors Item Combinations, Evolution & Synergy

All Vampire Survivors Evolutions and Synergies

One of the reasons why is Vampire Survivors so addictive is because the game offers constant progression and it seems like there’s always something new to unlock and try. Also, due to randomized options when levelling up, each run feels unique. Players can combine up to six different weapons in a run, and each can be levelled up to level eight max. And then there are passive items. You can also have up to six maximum, and most of them have five levels.

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With 23 different weapons and 16 passive items, and all their levels, one would think there’s already more than enough. Well, you would be wrong. There are also secret evolved weapons. Evolved weapons are the improved versions of already existing normal weapons. Once a weapon reaches level 8, you can evolve it if you also have a corresponding passive item. The game doesn’t teach you about these evolutions, you must learn about them yourself while playing.

This can be annoying, but below you will find all Vampire Survivors’ evolutions so that you know exactly which items to combine. Another thing that can take some time to understand is what passive items work best with a specific weapon. Optimising your build is a must if you want to go deep during your runs. That’s why it is important to pick the right passive items that synergize with your weapons. Vampire Survivors weapons and items synergy is another thing you can find below.

A huge thanks to Reddit user u/Chaser1807, who made these chart images, as they are incredibly useful for anyone who has just started to play the game. We hope that these Vampire Survivors Evolutions and Synergies chart will help you as well. Have fun playing the game!

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