Mita Movo Lata Genshin Impact Hilichurl Event

Mita movo lata is a demand that you’ll have to fulfill in the new hilichurl event. To do that, you have to consult your Genshin Impact hilichurl dictionary, translate the demand, and then give the monster what it’s asking for. It’s a fairly simple process, but I can see some of you maybe running into some trouble with it. So, here’s our Mita Movo Lata Genshin Impact Hilichurl Event guide to help you on your journey.

mita movo lata genshin impact hilichurl event
Mita Movo Lata Genshin Impact Hilichurl Event

Genshin Impact Hilichurlt Event Mita Movo Lata

During the currently available Hilichurl’s Demands quest in Genshin Impact, you have to give various hilichurls what they ask for in their language. This one will demand “Mita movo lata.” When you see this window pop up, hit the “Consult Manual” button if you haven’t memorized the hilichurlian dictionary yet (and I encourage you not to). Scroll down to the entry on “Mita.” It reads:

1. Meat, delicious foods. Liked items.
Note: “In movo lata mita / Mita in movo lata / Mita movo lata” refers to “meat in the water” – I believe that even you can figure that one out, little Ella.

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So, to complete this step of the event, you need to give this guy some meat from the water. As you can probably easily guess, this means fish. Open your inventory, find the fish, give it to the hilichurl, and be on your way. It’s really that simple to solve the Genshin Impact Mita movo lata hilichurl event “riddle.”

Now, with all of that said, depending on how you play the game, you might not have any fish on hand. If that is the case, teleport over to the pond near Springvale, to the northeast. There are always a few fish in there, and because it’s a small and shallow body of water, you can just walk in and grab them. They basically have nowhere to run. Then, go back to the hilichurl and give it what it wants.

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