Unta Nunu Genshin Impact Hilichurl Event

Unta Nunu is a step in the currently active Mimi Tomo hilichurl event that you can complete by solving the “riddle.” The puzzle, of course, hinges on you correctly translating what Unta Nunu means. That part isn’t that hard; what is hard is figuring out what to do with that information. That’s what we’ll be showing you in our Unta Nunu Genshin Impact Hilichurl Event guide.

unta nunu genshin impact hilichurl event
Unta Nunu Genshin Impact Hilichurl Event

How to Complete Genshin Impact Unta Nunu Hilichurl Event Quest

To complete the Unta Nunu quest in the Genshin Impact Mimi Tomo hilichurl event, the first step is to learn what the phrase means. Open your handbook of hilichurlian and scroll down until you find it. You’ll learn that it means “late night.” That means that you can only complete this quest when it’s after one o’clock at night, in-game time. If you’re in that window, you’re good to go. If not, you’ll have to move the clock. Open your menu and find the little clock icon on the left, move it until it’s after 1AM, and hit “Confirm.”

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Now that it’s late at night, open the map and find the little yellow quest circle in Windrise. There’s a fast travel point nearby, so you won’t have to trek for miles. Once you’re there, go to the river bank and find a sleeping hilichurl in the grass. Defeat it, and you’ll complete the Unta Nunu Genshin Impact hilichurl event quest. You’ll know it’s the right guy if his name is “Unusual Hilichurl, Menace of the Mansion.”

A word of warning: this monster is no laughing matter; in fact, it’s a straight-up miniboss. Plus, it summons all kinds of additional enemies that you’ll have to fight through. It’s not the most difficult battle, but don’t expect a regular pushover. Definitely harder than the, say, the Mita Movo Lata step.

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