Windbrew Genshin Impact Mix the Drink

Genshin Impact Windbrew quest has a step called “Mix the Drink,” where you have to craft a new beverage for Margaret. She gives you the instructions on how to make it, but you have to memorize them and repeat them exactly. There are six steps to the process, and it’s not too hard, but who wants to remember things, right? So, to help you out, here’s our Windbrew Genshin Impact Mix the Drink guide.

genshin impact mix the drink windbrew
Windbrew Genshin Impact Mix the Drink

How to Mix the Drink in Genshin Impact Windbrew

To mix the drink in Genshin Impact Windbrew quest, you have to follow the instructions Margaret gives you. You begin with Sweet Flower, and then you put some milk in it. Then, you drop in some Windwheel Aster for flavor and let it sit for a second. Lastly, sprinkle some Dandelion Seeds for decoration, throw in some ice cubes, and you’re done! For those of you that are having a bit of trouble remembering the exact order, here’s an ordered list.

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  1. Place Sweet Flower in.
  2. Pour milk in.
  3. Place Windwheel Aster in.
  4. Let it sit.
  5. Place Dandelion Seeds in.
  6. Place ice cubes in.

If you’ve done everything properly, you’re going to get a bottle of Special Beverage. Talk to Margaret again, and hand her the bottle. She’ll tell you that you need to take her new invention to some taste testers. Your candidates will be Nimrod, then Aramis, and lastly, Nora. The latter two appear in the huge square in front of Mondstadt Cathedral. Don’t worry, the game will guide you where you need to go. Lastly, go back to Margaret to complete the quest.

That’s how you complete the Mix the Drink step in Genshin Impact Windbrew quest. The only true “issue” is remembering the sequence of steps to brewing the drink. If you need more info about the game in general, check out some the other guides we’ve written. Among others, we’ve got Listen to & Solve Troubles of Citizenry, Bullseye Balloon, Ballads of Breeze, and many more.

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