Mysterious Voyage - Genshin Impact Web Event

Genshin Impact Mysterious Voyage web event is the new browser-based mini-game that you can play to earn a bunch of Mora and Primogems and other stuff. It’s relatively simple to play, but it does have a few snags you might hit. For example, you might have some trouble figuring out how to start the Mysterious Voyage event, or how exactly to play it, or how to get the rewards. Well, we’ll be answering those questions in our Mysterious Voyage – Genshin Impact Web Event guide.

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mysterious voyage genshin impact web event
Mysterious Voyage – Genshin Impact Web Event

How to Start Genshin Impact Mysterious Voyage Web Event

The Mysterious Voyage web event in Genshin Impact is taking place from July 13th to July 20th, and you need to be Adventure Rank 10 or above. To play the event, all you have to do is go to this link, log in using your Genshin account, and start the minigame by clicking “set sail” at the bottom. More on that in a second. Before that, a few things that we have to mention. First, if the page won’t load and just stays blank, try either using a different browser or using incognito mode. Second, sometimes the site will connect you to the wrong server by default. Click on “Switch accounts” and make sure that you’re on the correct server for your location.

How to Play Mysterious Voyage Genshin Impact Web Event

To play the Genshin Impact Mysterious Voyage web event, you basically just have to click or tap through the story, while making choices along the way. The choices will take you to different locations, and your ultimate aim is to uncover as much of the map as you can. You can almost tap at random and barely read anything, and you’ll probably be fine.

Every so often, you’ll run into a storm or some such calamitous event, during which you’ll have to defend your ship by tapping or clicking the circles that appear on screen. You need to successfully tap half or more of the circles to succeed. Nothing too complicated; just click or tap fast.

Every so often, you will run out of energy; the meter is in the bottom of the screen, so you can easily keep track of it. For example, every defense challenge will consume 10 Energy, but repeating a challenge won’t consume any. To refill your energy, simply do the Daily Tasks by clicking on the Energy meter. These refresh every day at 12AM server time. And really, that’s about all you need to know, as far as basics go.

Mysterious Voyage Web Event Rewards

When it comes to the rewards you can get in the Genshin Impact Mysterious Voyage web event, you’ll earn 15,000 Mora for every new piece of information you unlock, plus small extra amounts for certain info. Also, when you unlock 8/15/25/35 areas, you’ll claim the corresponding amount of Primogems, as laid out in the progress pop-up window, for a total of about 120 or so. Sidebar; Sakura Mochi and Tricolor Dango will be delivered to you via your in-game mailbox within three days of the Version 2.0 update. All in all, it’s nothing too difficult and doesn’t require too much investment on your part, and the rewards are pretty good.

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