X Marks the Spot Monster Hunter Stories 2

X Marks The Spot is a pretty tricky to complete quest in Monster Hunter Stories 2. There are several reasons why this is the case. First off, the clues you receive in it are very unclear, so you can spend a lot of time wondering (and wandering) how to solve it. But what makes it even harder is the fact that it cannot be completed right when you get it, since the locations you will need to visit in order to solve it cannot be visited right from the start. To help you make sense of this MH Stories 2 quest and finish it fast, we’ve put together this X Marks the Spot Monster Hunter Stories 2 guide.

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X Marks the Spot Monster Hunter Stories 2

How To Complete The X Marks The Spot Quest In Monster Hunter Stories 2

This quest is made up of three parts in three locations. The first one is Sailor’s Beach, which is part of the Alcala Region. It’s around the corner from Rutoh Village. This is where your boat lands and near it you will see a shiny object. Approach it and interact with it to read the next clue. The next location is on Hakolo Island. Once there, leave Mahana Village and you will see the waterfall nearby. Directly behind the waterfall is the second shiny object. Once again, interact with it to get the third and final clue.

Now, this is where things can get complicated. The third part of the quest takes place in Lamure. Of course, you will have needed to unlock this region, as well as the Zeramon Oasis. In the Oasis, the final shiny object you are looking for is at the Oasis Everden. Just like before, approach it and interact with it. All that’s left now is to make your way back to the Relaxed Man in Loloska and claim your reward. And there you have it, if you have followed all the instructions in this X Marks The Spot Monster Hunter Stories 2 guide, you should have no trouble finishing this MH Stories 2 quest.

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