New Bubble Island Genshin Impact

The new Genshin Impact bubble island is, well, a new island that’s covered in a bubble. You can get on the island, as well as explore the edge of it, but you can’t enter the bubble. Plus, the darned thing is opaque, so you can’t even really see what’s going on inside. It’s an engaging mystery, and we’ll share all we know so far in this guide.

new bubble island genshin impact
New Bubble Island Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact New Bubble Island

Another mystery of the summer update 1.6 in Genshin Impact has appeared – a new bubble island has risen from the water. You can find it if you sail south of Broken Isle, or northwest of Minacious Isle. You can find it very easily; it’s quite eye-catching. Once yo get there, you’ll see that there’s actually a patch of dry land that you can jump onto. There’s a teleport waypoint that you can unlock, as well as what seem to be elemental pillars or something. They don’t do anything at the moment, but that’s what we thought about the Broken Isle water level puzzle, and that turned out to be pretty important. So, while the bubble island doesn’t nothing at the moment, it doesn’t mean it won’t be something major in the near future.

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Now, what exactly is going to happen here is completely unknown. I’m assuming that it’s going to be something connected to those elemental pillars, if that is indeed what they are. The new bubble island in Genshin Impact might also be the epicenter of some kind of event, too. Perhaps even some kind of new world boss or something. I guess we’ll have to wait and see. In the meantime, feel free to browse through some of our other guides, such as Light Up Elemental Monuments In The Correct Manner, Trip Through Fog and Wind, and many, many more.

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