Trip Through Fog and Wind Genshin Impact

“Trip Through Fog and Wind” is a new Genshin Impact quest. It is a part of Act 2 of the ongoing Midsummer Island Adventure event. In this quest, you will need to visit a newly-uncovered island at the very northern tip of Golden Apple Archipelago. However, this island – the Nameless Islet – can only be reached by setting off a specific place, at a certain time during the day, and by following winds through a fog. As you can see, this isn’t easy to do. Luckily, we are here to help you with our Trip Through Fog and Wind Genshin Impact guide. Just follow the steps laid out here and you will be at the Nameless Islet in no time!

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Trip Through Fog and Wind Genshin Impact

How To Begin The Trip Through Fog and Wind Quest?

How To Begin The Trip Through Fog and Wind Quest

This quest starts at the Twinning Isle. Travel to the Teleport Waypoint on Twinning Isle. From here, jump to the south. Glide until you see a crevice in the cliff. It can be hard to make it out if you do not know what you are looking for, so we’ve marked it on the screenshot above. Drop here and you will find a room with a journal. Read this and you will receive the “The Trip Through Fog and Wind” quest. Now, proceed to the Waverider Waypoint at the west end of the island. Before you summon your boat, be sure that you have set your time to 10am. The Nameless Islet can only be reached during 10am and 14pm. Summon the Waverider and board it.

How To Get to The Nameless Islet

How To Get to The Nameless Islet

After you have entered the Waverider at this exact Waypoint, follow the quest marker. This part is pretty simple, you just head in the direction of the quest marker, for some 600 meters. The next section is trickier. What you need to do here is to follow the wind. It is represented by wisps of air, so just follow it closely. Of course, while following the wind, you should go around rocks and whirlpools. Be careful not to stray too far off the path of the winds and into the mist. After some time, you will reach the Nameless Islet itself. Leave the boat and look around. You will see three precious chest. Open them and collect what’s inside. To the left of the chests you will see a mural. This is part of the “The Other Side of Isle and Sea” quest, so approach and observe it. You’ve now completed the Trip Through Fog and Wind Genshin Impact quest.

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