Pick Ayaka, Gorou, or Kazuha Genshin Impact Test of Courage

If you don’t know whether to pick Ayaka, Gorou, or Kazuha in Genshin Impact Test of Courage, we are here to help you make the choice. We are going to explain which character to go with and why, and whether the choice matters at all. Let’s dive straight in, shall we?

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pick ayaka gorou or kazuha genshin impact test of courage
Pick Ayaka, Gorou, or Kazuha Genshin Impact Test of Courage

Genshin Impact Test of Courage – Ayaka, Gorou or Kazuha Choice

When it comes to the pick Ayaka, Gorou or Kazuha choice in the Genshin Impact Test of Courage quest, you can go with whoever you like best. Aside from some dialogue differences, the quest itself proceeds the same no matter who you pick. That said, Kazuha does have an extra little cutscene, so you should go with him if you want the full scope of the “lore.” Gorou and Ayaka just have boilerplate dialogue that doesn’t add anything. However, if you only care about completing the mission and don’t care about anything else, then choose your favorite based on whichever criteria works best for you. Don’t worry; nothing bad will happen.

genshin impact test of courage ayaka gorou or kazuha choice
Kazuha might be the best choice

So, that’s basically all there is to it when it comes to who you should pick in the Genshin Impact Test of Courage Ayaka, Gorou or Kazuha choice. Whoever you end up choosing, the other two are going to go away. Again, don’t be alarmed; it doesn’t mean that the characters you didn’t pick will now be mad at you or anything like that. There are no consequences to the choice whatsoever. Just continue on the quest and finish it normally. We are not going to explain how to complete the mission, mind you, because we don’t want to spoil anything. Besides, it’s nothing difficult; simply do whatever the game tells you to, and everything will be fine.

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