Scroll-Shaped Ward Location Genshin Impact

The Scroll-Shaped Ward is an item in Genshin Impact and its location and the means to get it can be hard to figure out. Part of the large and interwoven Cleasing Defilement questline, you will need this item in order to take down the Araumi barrier. For a more in-depth explanation on how to accomplish this, we invite you to read our Araumi barrier guide. This Scroll-Shaped Ward Location Genshin Impact guide will primarily deal with getting this particular item and where you need to use it once you have it.

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Scroll-Shaped Ward Location Genshin Impact

How To Get The Scroll-Shaped Ward

At Araumi, there is a tower that you can jump into. Once you have done that, you will see that there are several fox statues and a chest here. Loot the chest and then use the Memento Lens to observe these. Each statue will reveal a button behind it. Press it and the floor will open, allowing you to reach the bottom. Here, you will find yourself in a large room that has several fox statues in it as well. Again, use your Memento Lens to observe all of them. After that, one of these will allow you to Summon an Electrogranum. Directly behind this is a barrier that you can pass through with an Electrogranum.

Go through it and you will see a Fox Statue with a Ward there. To get the Scroll-Shaped Ward from it, you will first need to zap it with an Electro-based attack. So, select a character which has this type of attack – such as Lisa – and attack the statue. It will then drop this item, allowing you to pick it up. Its item description reads: “An ancient and mysterious item shaped like a tightly-sealed scroll. No matter what do you do, it won’t open at all. According to Kazari, these wards are needed to conduct the Sacred Sakura Cleansing Ritual.” Finally, use this item at the shrine in the next room.

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