How To Get Seelie Pet In Genshin Impact - Lost Riches Event

The Lost Riches event is once again making its way to Genshin Impact and it will allow you to get your hands on a Seelie Pet. The last time this event took place was in January, and this one will also follow the same basic set of rules – only that this time, it will occur in Inazuma. This means that you will find special treasure which you will then be able to use to exchange for a Mini Seelie Pet. Here, we will tell you everything you need to know about How To Get Seelie Pet In Genshin Impact – Lost Riches Event.

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How To Get Seelie Pet In Genshin Impact - Lost Riches Event

How To Get Mini Seelie Pet In Lost Riches Event

The Lost Riches event will start tomorrow, August 6th, and will last until August 16th. To be eligible to compete, you will need to be at least Adventure Rank 30 and to have completed the Ritou Escape Plan quest. To begin this event, check the map in Ulamn’s Treasure Book. Follow the clues and directions and you will reach locations that have buried treasure in them. A total of 14 areas will be available, with 2 new areas being marked in the book each day. Besides treasure such as Primogems and Mora, you will also earn Iron Coins. These Iron Coins can then be exchanged in the event shop for Mini Seelie. The following Mini Seelie will be available: Viola, Dayflower, Rose, and Curcuma.

However, please take note that you will be able to obtain only one of these, so choose carefully. If you already have a Mini Seelie Pet from the previous Lost Riches event, you will now be able to select another one. Once you equip a Seelie – they are classified as gadgets – these pets will follow the player wherever you may go, gently floating next to you and keeping you company during your adventures.

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