Ritou Road Genshin Impact

The Ritou Road is a newly-added quest in Genshin Impact. Though relatively simple to complete once you actually start it, like many other Inazuma quests, it has a couple of tricky things about it that make it more difficult than it first appears. The biggest of these is the exact location where this quest starts. This has left many players wandering around, trying to trigger its beginning. To help you finish it without going around in circles, we’ve put together this Ritou Road Genshin Impact guide. Here, we will tell you how to begin this quest, as well as everything you need to do in order to complete it.

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Ritou Road Genshin Impact

How To Start The Ritou Road Quest

As its name implies, this quest starts at Ritou, which is a short distance west of Konda Village. To begin the quest, you will need to go to the side of a house, directly south of the teleport Waypoint there. We have marked this location on a screenshot below. Once you are here, you will see a trapdoor. Examine it, and you will automatically be transported to another location, at the north point of this island. By doing this, you will earn the Hello…! Anyone in here…? achievement. Once you are here, you will need to find and investigate three clues. Luckily, all of them are very close to one another. So, examine the crate, fire, and package.

Next, you will have to hide. Move away from the camp and a cutscene will play. At the end of this cutscene, several Slimes will spawn. Defeat them and then talk to Harrison to complete the quest. And that’s all there is to doing the Ritou Road Genshin Impact quest. As we said, the only really difficult part was finding where it starts. After that, completing it is easy as pie.

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