Genshin Impact Tower Defense

The tower defense mode in Genshin Impact is a part of the Lantern Rite festival in-game event, where you get to play a minigame called Theater Mechanicus. The mode has you setting up towers to deal damage to enemies that are walking down a set path. The less of them escape the stage, the better. However, there are way more intricacies to Theater Mechanicus, and we’ll share some of them with you in our Genshin Impact Tower Defense guide.

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genshin impact tower defense
Genshin Impact Tower Defense

How to Unlock & Play Genshin Impact Tower Defense Theater Mechanicus

To unlock and play the Genshin Impact Tower Defense mode, Theater Mechanicus, you first have to complete the “Origin of the Lanterns” and “Liyue: Theater Mechanicus” quests. Then, make your way to the north of Liyue Harbor and talk to Ruijin. She is the designer of Thater Mechanicus, so that’s where you start the challenge. You can play alone, or with one more player, from February 10th to February 28th.

Now, we’ve covered the general rules of the game in our Theater Mechanicus Genshin Impact guide, so check that one out for more details. Here’s the quick rundown of the basics: every stage begins with the construction phase, during which you have a limited time to see the path the monsters will take, which monsters will appear, place your Mechanici, etc.

Once the construction phase of the Tower Defense in Genshin Impact is over, the wave of monsters will start walking. You can’t hurt them directly, but you can prime them elementally, push them off ledges, using certain Stage Features, etc. However, your main mode of dealing damage will be the Mechanici, aka the towers. After a wave is done, you can acquire buffs, construct and upgrade your towers, and so on. In the end, you get Peace Talismans to spend in the Xiao Market.

Theater Mechanicus Tower Defense Genshin Impact Tips

The first tip that we’ll give you about the Theater Mechanicus Tower Defense in Genshin Impact is that you can still put your characters to good use, even if you can’t damage enemies directly. For example, anemo characters can push enemies off of cliffs. You can also apply elemental effects on monsters to prime them for incoming towers. Some characters can stagger enemies, giving slower Mechanici (looking at you, Pyro) a chance to strike faster creatures.

Be smart about your tower placement. Put the slower ones, like Pyro, further back, with DPS combos like Hydro + Electro in the front. Put the Cryo towers somewhere in the middle to further slow down enemies coming towards the Pyro. Also, make sure to place towers near the exit to mop up stragglers.

Further on the subject of placement in Genshin Impact Tower Defense, look for any choke points during the construction phase. Make sure to focus fire there for optimal damage. Also in this phase, look at the list of enemies in the left corner to see what you’ll be going against. Use that as a basis of which towers you’ll use. And speaking of, don’t forget about Mark Towers, because they give you extra points if monsters die close to them. Obviously, place them strategically around choke points.

Last, but not least, do not forget to upgrade your Mechanici towers whenever you can. The difference can be night and day. That about wraps it up when it comes to our tips on Theater Mechanicus in Genshin Impact. If you have more advice, share it with us in the comments below.

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