We Will Be Reunited Genshin Impact

We Will Be Reunited is a new quest in Genshin Impact. In fact, it’s a whole new act – a long quest chain in which you’ll fight the terrifying Abyss Herald, collect chests and meet a certain important person once more. If you’re wondering how to start it, how to complete its many objectives and where to find the chests, our Genshin Impact We Will Be Reunited guide will explain everything.

genshin impact we will be reunited
We Will Be Reunited Genshin Impact

How to start We Will Be Reunited

In order to star the quest, your Adventure Rank needs to be at least 36. You also have to complete the following quests beforehand:

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  • Lupus Minor Chapter: Act I – The Meaning of Lupical
  • Chapter I: Act IV (Prelude) – Bough Keeper: Dainsleif

Once all the prerequisites have been fulfilled, the new quest will appear in your journal. Simply follow the marker to begin.

How to complete We Will Be Reunited quest

Once you start the quest, you’ll first have to go to a new domain, called Call of The Abyss. Inside, you’ll face the usual puzzles, traps and groups of enemies. Beware of rooms where the floor drains your HP, and keep an eye out for the bubbles – they can capture you. When you reach the exit, you’ll face the Abyss Herald. Here are the attacks you should watch out for:

  • A regular three-hit combo
  • Projectiles
  • AoE attack in which he surrounds himself with water spikes

After you take him down to half health, he’ll disappear. You’ll then have to trek across Mondstadt and talk to various characters and fight small groups of enemies. You’ll end up in the big Wolf of The North arena in Wolvendom, which is where you’ll face the Abyss Herald again. He’ll have a couple of new attacks:

  • Charging projectile attack in which he shoots several times
  • Water form – he’ll change after you whittle his health down. This makes him weak to cryo and electro attacks.

Afterwards, there will be more talk and a trek to Stormterror’s Lair. During the final encounter with the Abyss Herald, you should deal with the abyss mages first – there’s only two of them, but they can overwhelm you if you concentrate on the boss himself.

Chest locations

The first chest is in the Call of the Abyss domain, behind the boxes in the room where the hilichurls are camping around a bonfire. You can find another one after the room with the upside-down Statue of the Seven, in one of the alcoves along the slope with the bubbles. It’s the last one on the left.

On your return trip to the ruins, you’ll find one more chest in the gliding area with bubbles. It’s in the last alcove on the left. If we discover any more chests, we’ll update the guide.

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