COD Mobile Authorization Error 5 1200 fix & Clear Cache on iPhone

Call of Duty Mobile Authorization Error 5 1200 occurs randomly while players are trying to log in or load the game. Since this error starts showing up after the launch of the new season, and it stops players from playing the game at all, it’s a pretty unpleasant thing to experience. This Authorization Error is acknowledged by the developers and they are working on the potential fix right now. In the meantime, you can try several things that can help you fix the problem and continue playing the game.

Call of duty mobile Authorization Error 5 1200
Call of duty mobile Authorization Error 5 1200

How to fix Authorization Error 5 1200 Call of Duty Mobile

There are several reasons why you can experience this error, like server issues, incorrect login details, unstable internet connection or corrupted Call of Duty Mobile app cache or data. In light of this, the simplest thing is to check your internet connection or if there is a scheduled maintenance.
#1 Most of the players confirmed that restarting the game and clearing the cash fixed the problem.
#2 Another idea is to login as a guest, or with Facebook. Then logout of that account and relog into your original account.

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How to clear cash on iPhone for Call of Dury Mobile Login Error

One of the solutions for fixing COD Mobile Authorization Error 5 1200 is to clear cash on your iPhone or Android. In order to do that you have to open Settings, tap on General, then chose iPhone Storage. Now you can tap on Call of Duty Mobile and clear the cache.

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  1. G
    Glen Nicholas

    I can’t login thru Facebook login I’ve tried everything I have Authorization Code 270FD309 please help I’ve spent thousands on my account

  2. D

    Ye, I can’t login via activision or Facebook on my phone but I can on my iPad. I’m only allowed to play through my Apple ID.

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