Saint George Armor AC Valhalla

Saint George’s armor is a new armor set in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. It was added in update 1.1.2, and it’s part of the river raid game mode. You can only obtain it by going on river raids with Vaugn’s team of merry vikings. The pieces are scattered across the many rivers available for raiding, and you’ll usually find them in chests. If you’re wondering where you should look, our AC Valhalla Saint George armor guide will point you in the right direction.

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ac valhalla saint george's armor
Saint George Armor AC Valhalla

Most of the pieces of Saint George’s armor are hidden in chests. We can’t say which chests, because they spawn randomly, but they’re always in military locations – camps, outposts, strongholds and fortresses. We can tell you which maps you should look for them on, though. Make sure you use Odin’s sight liberally.

Saint George’s cape

Saint George’s cape appears in River Exe. We found it in the Fortress on Exe, the castle in the northwestern corner of the map.

Saint George’s tower shield location

You can get Saint George’s tower shield from the River Exe raid map. We managed to find it in the Eastern Fortification, but you might also find it in other military encampments.

Saint George’s bracers

The bracers of Saint George are hidden away on River Severn. A good place to look for them would be the Eastern Outpost, or the Island Camp. Or any other military location, for that matter.

Saint George’s trousers – where to find

Saint George’s trousers are also located on River Severn. We found them in the Island Camp, but any military outpost has a chance of spawning them.

Saint George’s armor – how to get

You can get Saint George’s armor (the torso piece) on River Dee. We suggest you look in the Staging Camp first – it’s a fairly large outpost.

Saint George’s helm location

You can find get Saint George’s helm from a chest in one of the military camps on River Dee. We got it at Deebury, but you might have more luck elsewhere.

Saing George’s holy sword

The longsword is the only piece with a fixed location. You’ll find it at Deva Victrix, the fortress at the end of River Dee. You’ll have to defeat the champion boss there in order to claim Saint George’s holy sword.

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  1. J

    1. Where is the river Dee?

    2. Where is the river raid key for the chest at the northeast small camp on river exe?

    1. A

      I’ve noticed keys sometimes close to the chest. Spam Odin’s sight and look for white pillars around the camp

    2. B
      Ben Kaiser

      River Dee doesn’t appear on the map until after you find both map clues to Saint George’s armor locations and return to the settlement and talk to Vagn first. I found the key for the chest in the northeastern camp in one of the towers not too far from the chest itself. Climb up to the roof and use your Odin sight. You may have to move a few steps in a certain direction to see the key pop up because of the white color.

  2. D

    I’m sorry the river Dee and I’ve done all the big locations for the helm and the armour but the armour is coming up at any so what do I do now?

  3. E

    Same problem, done the whole river Dee , no armor found

  4. R

    I searched all river dee and found no helmet

    1. W
      Where is river dee??????

      Where is river dee

      1. D
        Dylan Reali

        To get to the river see you need to find the clues on the other 2 rivers.

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