Wishes From Teyvat Genshin Impact Web Event

The Wishes from Teyvat Genshin Impact web event has begun, and I’m sure Travelers will have some questions about it. For example, you might not know how to participate in the Christmas / winter holiday event, or what to do in it. That’s what we’ll be talking about in this guide, so let’s dive straight in!

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wishes from teyvat genshin impact web event
Wishes From Teyvat Genshin Impact Web Event

Genshin Impact Wishes from Teyvat Web Event

The Wishes from Teyvat Genshin Impact web event is kicking off on December 20th, 2022 and will last until January 9th, 2023. The only prerequisite you need to meet in order to participate is to have an Adventure Rank of at least 10. I’m pretty sure that includes every single person that plays Genshin with any degree of regularity. If you want to be a part of the winter web event, simply follow this link and log in using your miHoYo account (or your UID, if you’re on PS4). Once you’ve logged into the event, click or tap the envelope to begin. Pick the character whose winter holiday wishes you want to receive. Lastly, share the Christmas card you’ve received in your socials to receive the twenty thousand Mora.

And that’s basically all there is to it when it comes to the Wishes from Teyvat web event in Genshin Impact. Well, that’s not strictly true. If you receive a Christmas greeting from another player and share it, you can earn another twenty thousand Mora. Lastly, interacting with the golden bookmark can apparently earn you an extra 20k Mora. That’s your lot. Not exactly the most engaging web event Genshin has ever hosted, it must be said. I mean, it’s nice that you can send some holiday cheer to other players, but the rewards definitely leave a lot to be desired. Twenty thousand Mora is nothing to an even moderately dedicated Traveler. That said, it’s more about showing your in-game friends that you’re thinking about them.

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