Ariake Lighthouse Vanity Gear Location in Ghost of Tsushima

Ariake Lighthouse vanity gear is a cosmetic item in Ghost of Tsushima. It can be found on the coast in this province, on the Izuhara map. However, when you get there, either by chance of by using the wind of vanity, you might not be able to find the item. It might look like a glitch at first glance, but there’s actually a very simple explanation. This guide will show you the Ariake lighthouse vanity gear location in Ghost of Tsushima.

ariake lighthouse vanity item location ghost of tsushima
Ariake Lighthouse Vanity Gear Location in Ghost of Tsushima

Wind of vanity leads to location with no vanity item

People have reported getting to the location and finding no vanity item, even after clearing out the enemies, lighting the torch and thoroughly exploring the surroundings. Reloading the game doesn’t help, and neither does returning at a later time. By all accounts, it looks like a bug – but it isn’t.

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You actually need a special tool in order to find the vanity item here. It’s called the grappling hook, and you’ll get it during one of the main story missions – the one called Iron Hook. Once you have it, you’ll be able to reach previously inaccessible places, like the one housing the vanity item at Ariake Lighthouse.

So it’s just a matter of realigning your focus. Try pushing the story a little further – the quest that rewards you with the hook is relatively early on, so you won’t have to wait much.

After you’ve obtained it, a whole new world will open up to you. You’ll be able to climb vertical surfaces like never before, and it will allow you to scale lighthouses, reach Shinto shrines, climb over walls and more. It won’t turn you into a ninja overnight, but it’s a welcome addition to the arsenal, especially since the emphasis is so often on stealth.

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  1. R

    Would help if you showed how to do it. When I stand at the back of the lighthouse and look up I see a white circle but no option to grapple. I then climb the lighthouse and then no white circle appears and still no option to grapple. And yes I have the grapple unlocked.

    1. A
      Abraham Weck

      To those wondering where to actually go to climb the lighthouse, you need to climb the ladder to the top of the tower, go to the left corner edge in front of you. Then jump off while looking at the upper corner and it will give you the option to grapple.

    2. C

      You have to jump off the ledge and then do the grapple. Just look at the flags on the corners. You have to be jumping to use the grapple, read the tutorial lol

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