Ghost of Tsushima How to Sheath Sword

The katana will be your main weapon in Ghost of Tsushima. You’ll use the sword for close quarters combat, and there’s a dedicated action that allows you to put away the blade, but also clean it. That way, you won’t enter survivor camps and villages with a drawn weapon, standing in a stance while you ask about fish prices, like a total lunatic. If you’ve missed the part where the game tells you about it, this guide will show you how to sheath sword in Ghost of Tsushima.

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ghost of tsushima how to sheath sword
Ghost of Tsushima How to Sheath Sword

How to put away blade

In order to sheath your katana after a fight, all you have to do is swipe right on the touchpad. Jin will clean the sword and place it in the scabbard. It’s a nice little animation, but you can’t move while doing it, and after a while it gets old. You can get around it by playing the flute – Jin will instantly sheath the sword and pull out the instrument, saving you a couple of seconds.

How to clean katana

You can’t clean your katana without sheathing it, but every time you do put it away you’ll also clean it. Jin will wipe away the blood in one motion before placing the sword back in the scabbard. To do it, you only need to swipe right on the touchpad.

It’s a nice little gesture that helps you get into the role of a traveling samurai, but it doesn’t affect gameplay in any way. Your sword won’t dull if you forget to clean it, and enemies will attack you on sight, no matter if your sword is drawn or sheathed. You will probably get tired of it after a while – it will slow you down considerably, since you can’t move while doing it.

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