Ghost of Tsushima Armor Locations, Attires & Outfits

Your character in Ghost of Tsushima can wear a great many outfits and armor sets. They’ll change the way Jin looks, but that’s not all – they’ll also affect his stats, making him stronger, more silent or resilient. You’ll get some while playing through the main story, but others are hidden away behind optional activities, like side quests and mythic tales. This guide will show you a list of all armor, outfits and attire in Ghost of Tsushima, what they look like and how to get them.

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Ghost of Tshushima Customizations

Don’t make the mistake of thinking you’re stuck with the predetermined designs – the game allows you to customize pretty much every part of your gear. You can change colors, styles and more – if you want detailed info on how the whole system works, check out our guide on Ghost of Tsushima customization.

Traveler’s Attire location

The Traveler’s Attire is the first outfit you can find in the game. While you’re going towards Hiyashi Springs, to ask around at the inn, you’ll meet a merchant by the road. Talk to him – he’ll recognize you and give you the armor as a gift.

ghost of tsushima traveler's attire

Traveler’s Attire allows you to track artifacts with the guiding wind, clears 10% more fog of war when you travel, and makes the controller vibrate when you’re within 30m of an artifact.

Samurai Clan Armor – Ghost of Tsushima

You can get the Samurai Clan Armor outfit from the armorer in the Golden Temple, during the Tale of Lady Masako. It will reduce the damage you take, increase your health and grant more resolve when you get hit.

samurai clan armor outfit ghost of tsushima

Ronin Attire

The Ronin Attire is a reward for completing the Blood in The Grass main quest. It’s an outfit that reduces enemy detection speed, increases melee damage and the time enemies need to detect you after you leave pampas grass while crouched.

ghost of tsushima ronin attire

Tadayori’s Armor Map

You’ll get Tadayori’s Armor by completing the Legend of Tadayori mythic tale. Wearing it will increase your nocking and reload speed, give you more concentration time and make headshots restore a percentage of the concentration meter.

tadayori's armor ghost of tsushima

Sakai Clan Armor Stats

The Sakai Clan Armor is obtained during the Ghosts from The Past main quest, before you face off against the Straw Hats at the estate. It will increase your melee damage and health, as well as the standoff streak. Winning a standoff with it has a chance to terrify nearby enemies.

sakai clan armor ghost of tsushima

Ghost Armor Location

You’ll get the Ghost Armor when you start the main quest called From the Darkness. Wearing it will reduce enemy detection speed, as well as the number of kills needed to enter the Ghost stance. Each kill will have a chance to terrify nearby enemies.

ghost of tsushima all armor sets

Mongol Commander’s Armor – Ghost of Tsushima

You can get the Mongol Commander’s Armor by completing the Fit for the Khan side quest. Once you’ve finished all the tasks, talk to the apprentice in Jogaku and he’ll make it fit. When worn, this outfit increases your health, reduces incoming damage and makes Mongols much slower to detect you out of combat.

ghost of tsushima armor outfit attire locations stats

Kensei Armor Stats

You can get the Kensei Armor by completing the Six Blades of Kojiro mythic tale. Wearing it increases your resolve gain, makes Ghost weapons do more damage and causes enemies stricken by them to deal less and receive more damage themselves.

ghost of tsushima kensei armor

Gosaku’s Armor Map

To get Gosaku’s Armor, you’ll have to complete the Unbreakable Gosaku mythic tale. If you decide to use it, you’ll get increased health and stagger damage, and it’ll allow you to restore health when killing staggered enemies.

ghost of tsushima gosaku's armor

Fundoshi Location

Fundoshi is not actual armor – it’s a pair of cotton undergarments. The description implies Jin favors it when he gets drunk, and it will allow you to run and sprint silently. You can get it by visiting all 18 hot springs.

ghost of tsushima fundoshi underwear armor

Masks in Ghost of Tsushima

Masks are vanity items that cover the lower half of Jin’s face – his mouth and sometimes his nose. They don’t affect your stats, but they will change the way you look. Here’s a list of all the masks in the game and where to find them:

  1. Sakai Mask – Obtained during Ghosts From the Past main quest.
  2. Ghost Mask – Obtained during From the Darkness main quest.
  3. Conqueror’s Mask – Complete Fit for the Khan side quest.
  4. Adachi Half Mask – Complete The Sister Betrayed side quest (Masako Tale #9).
  5. Shattered Mask of Tomoe – Complete Laid to Rest side quest (Ishikawa Tale #9).
  6. Purity of War – Complete Undying Flame mythic tale.
  7. Sacred Mountain Messenger – Complete all 16 bamboo strikes.
  8. Wolf of Tsushima – Complete all 49 Inari shrines.
  9. Avenging Lord – Obtained through Golden Temple gift altar.
  10. Guardian’s Scowl – Obtained through Golden Temple gift altar.
  11. Thief’s Wrap – Reward from the gift altar.
  12. Nasu Baba’s Wrath – Obtained through the gift altar.
  13. Snows of Kamiagata – Obtained through Golden Temple gift altar.
  14. Brutal Bandit – One of the Golden Temple gift altar rewards.
  15. Kijin’s Blood – Gained as a Golden Temple gift altar present.
  16. Venerable Spirit – Obtained through Golden Temple gift altar.
  17. Haunted Dreams – Obtained through Golden Temple gift altar.
  18. Glowering Warrior – Obtained through the gift altar at Golden Temple.

Helmet locations

Helmets are purely cosmetic items, and this category also includes headbands. Here’s a list of all the helmets in the game and how to get them:

  1. Aozora Headband – Found on the cliff by Ishikawa’s dojo in Izuhara.
  2. Natural Vengeance Headband – Found on top of Ariake Lighthouse in Izuhara.
  3. Warrior’s Sunset Headband – Found on top of the Golden Temple in Izuhara.
  4. Forgemaster’s Headband – Found on the rafters of the forge in Komatsu, in Izuhara.
  5. Plum Blossom Headband – Found on top of Kushi Temple, in Toyotama.
  6. Weathered Straw Hat – Complete Blood on The Grass main quest.
  7. Sakai Clan Helmet – Complete Ghosts from the Past main quest.
  8. Ghost Headband – Complete From the Darkness main quest.
  9. Mongol Helmet – Complete Fit for the Khan side quest.
  10. Bowman’s Straw Hat – Complete The Art of Seeing side quest (Yuriko Tale #2).
  11. Noble Fighter’s Headband – Complete Ghosts in The Fog side quests (Norio Tale #3).
  12. Clear Summer Headband – Complete The End of suffering side quest (Norio Tale #7).
  13. Chaos Headband – Complete This Threefold World (Norio Tale #9).
  14. Gosaku’s Headband – Complete Unbreakable Gosaku mythic tale.
  15. Kensei Headband – Complete The Six Blades of Kojiro mythic tale.
  16. Headband of Peace – Complete Hiyoshi Haiku in Izuhara.
  17. Headband of Serenity – Finish Hiyoshi Haiku collectible in Izuhara.
  18. Headband of Refuge – Complete Ariake Haiku in Izuhara.
  19. Headband of the Invasion – Finish Azamo Haiku in Izuhara.
  20. Headband of Death – Complete Tsutsu Haiku in Izuhara.
  21. Headband of Strife – Complete Komatsu Haiku in Izuhara.
  22. Headband of Fear – Complete Kashine Haiku in Izuhara.
  23. Headband of Defeat – Complete Komodo Haiku in Izuhara.
  24. Headband of Uncertainty – Complete Akashima Haiku in Toyotama.
  25. Headband of Perseverance – Complete Umugi Haiku in Toyotama.
  26. Headband of Survival – Finish Otsuna Haiku in Toyotama.
  27. Headband of Rebirth – Finish the Kubara Haiku collectible in Toyotama.
  28. Headband of Preservation – Complete Kushi Haiku in Toyotama.
  29. Headband of Hope – Complete Sago Haiku in Kamiagata.
  30. Headband of Ruin – Complete Kin Haiku in Kamiagata.
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