Ghost of Tsushima Mythic Tales Locations & Rewards

Mythic Tales are special side quests in Ghost of Tsushima. There’s seven of them in total, and each of them will reward you with a cool new technique, piece of armor, weapon or vanity item. Completing the quests isn’t a problem usually, but you need to find an NPC to tell you of a rumored location before you can start one. If you’re having trouble finding them, this guide will show you all mythic tales locations in Ghost of Tsushima, how to complete them and which rewards you’ll get.

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ghost of tsushima mythic tales
Mythic Tales in Ghost of Tsushima

If you go to the place where the quest should start and nothing happens, this means you have to activate it first. This is done by talking to random NPCs until you get the rumored location clue for that particular mythic tale. It can take a while, and there’s no way to speed it up, so just go around and talk to anyone withe a speech bubble above their head.

The Curse of Uchitsune – Mythic Tale #1

You can start this mythic tale by speaking to the traveling musician in Hiyoshi Springs in Izuhara. He can be found near the bamboo strike locations, on a stage with a bunch of peasants listening to his performance. After that, you just have to follow the markers, and you’ll end up with a new longbow, explosive arrows and a moderate legend increase.

The Heavenly Strike – Mythic Tale #2

This mythic tale begins when you talk to the musician east of the village in Komatsu, near the place where the rivers meet. He has a campfire next to him, and is surrounded by dead bodies. Afterwards, you’ll do the usual detective work, and you’ll receive a new move, the Heavenly Falcon sword kit and an increase to your legend rank.

The Legend of Tadayori – Mythic Tale #3

This mythic tale can be started by talking to the traveling musician in the camp in Rustling Bend, in east Azamo, near the river. He’ll point you further, and simply following the quest markers should be enough to see you through to the end. Once you’re done, you’ll get Tadayori’s Armor and a boost to your legend rank.

The Unbreakable Gosaku – Mythic Tale #4

The Unbreakable Gosaku is a mythic tale you can start by talking to the musician in Akashima Village, in Toyotama. He’ll tell you a story, you’ll have to collect six keys, do some searching, fight some bad guys – the usual. Once you’re done, you’ll find Gosaku’s Armor, the outfit that belonged to the famous protector of the peasants, and a nice bump to your legend rank.

The Spirit of Yarikawa’s Vengeance – Mythic Tale #5

To start this mythic tale, you’ll need to talk to the musician southeast of the ruins of old Yarikawa. He’ll tell you the grisly tale of the curse and send you on a scavenger hunt. Once you’re done, you’ll learn a move called Dance of Wrath, and you’ll get the Omukade’s Revenge sword kit. Naturally, your legend status will improve.

The Six Blades of Kojiro – Mythic Tale #6

The Six Blades of Kojiro mythic tale can be started by talking to the musician in Umagi Cove, the village in the southwest of Toyotama. He’ll tell you about the outlaws you need to duel, and send you on your merry way. Once you’ve felled each and every one of them, Kojiro included, you’ll get the Kensei Armor, along with the expected legend rank increase.

The Undying Flame – Mythic Tale #7

The last mythic tale starts after you talk to the musician on the crossroads southwest of Mount Jogaku, north of the temple in the Jokagu province on Kamiagata. Follow the map markers, do as you’re told, and you’ll be rewarded with the Izanami’s Grief sword kit, and a new move called Way of The Flame.