Ghost of Tsushima Customization - Horse, Character, Sword, Bow

Customization in Ghost of Tsushima is very expansive, including your horse, character, swords, and bows. The various customization items in Ghost of Tsushima includes armors, sword kits, dyes, as well as Vanity Items like masks, hats, helmets, headbands, and more. Some of these items actually impact gameplay, or are tied to trophies, but most of them are just cool cosmetics. In our Ghost of Tsushima Customization – Horse, Character, Sword, Bow guide, we’re going to show how to get the different customization items in the game.

ghost of tsushima customization horse character sword bow
Ghost of Tsushima Customization – Horse, Character, Sword, Bow
  1. Horse Customization
  2. Character Customization
  3. Sword Customization
  4. Bow Customization

Horse Customizations in Ghost of Tsushima – Saddles

The only horse customization in Ghost of Tsushima are the different saddles you can unlock by collecting Sashimono Banners scattered across the map. You then take the banners to the monk sitting southwest of Komatsu Forge, in northwest Izuhara. There’s a total of seven saddles to get, and a whopping eighty banners all over the place. The game will even introduce you to them in a later main quest.

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Now, what I have to note here is that I keep saying saddles, but in fact, each one of these also includes different stirrups, bits, reigns, and other pieces of horse gear that I don’t know the names of. So, you get the whole package, not just the saddle. All of these are just cosmetic, and change nothing in the game. Also, those of you that purchased a version that features the Hero of Tsushima set will get the corresponding saddle at the appropriate point in the game.

Ghost of Tsushima Character Customization – Hat, Mask, Armor, Helmet, Headband

To customize your character in Ghost of Tsushima, you can get various armors, hats, masks, headbands, helmets, and more. When it comes to Armors, you mostly get them from completing main quests and certain Mythic Tale missions, such as Gosaku’s Armor and Tadayori’s Armor. For more info, check out our Armor Locations, Attires & Outfits guide. You can further customize your armor with dyes, which you also get as rewards from quests or buy from merchants.

As for headbands, you get the majority of them by composing haikus. You do this by going to specific locations on the map, and putting together a poem. Your choices don’t matter much, because you’ll always get the same headband no matter what kind of verse you write. Other headbands can be found in various quests.

Lastly, the different masks, hats and other gear, those drop from main stories, side stories, Mythic Tales, the Gifts Altar, and through upgrading certain armors. Basically, just play through the game and you’ll be swimming in cool-looking Vanity Gear in no time. Armors are the only thing in this section that influences gameplay; all the other items are purely cosmetic, and you can wear them as you please, in any combination you want.

Sword Customization in Ghost of Tsushima – Sword Kits

Sword Kits are the only way to customize your swords in Ghost of Tsushima. There’s about 26 sword kits in the game, and there are two ways to get them. The first one is by completing Mythic Tales; specifically, Heavenly Strike, Spirit of Yarikawa’s Vengeance, and Undying Flame. That’s only three sword kits, however; to get all the other ones, you have to visit the Pillars of Honor POIs scattered across the map. This includes the fun Sly Tanuki kit, necessary for the Cooper Clan Cosplayer trophy.

How to Customize Bows in Ghost of Tsushima

To customize your bows in Ghost of Tsushima, you have to purchase dyes from Dye Merchants scattered across the map, including the White and Black Dye Merchants. You can also earn bow dyes by completing certain main and side quests. Sadly, that’s the only way that you can customize your bows in Ghost of Tsushima. Not exactly as engaging as the others, but it does beat scouring for banners all over the place.

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