Ghost of Tsushima Technique Point | Best Skills | Samurai, Ghost, Stances

Best Skills in Ghost of Tsushima come in all three Techniques, Samurai, Stances, and Ghost. The best Ghost of Tsushima Techniques for you to choose depend on the type of gameplay you prefer. However, there are some skills that make your life much easier in the beginning. So, we’re going to show you what the best techniques to choose are in our Ghost of Tsushima Technique Point | Best Skills | Samurai, Ghost, Stances guide.

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ghost of tsushima best skills & techniques samurai ghost stances
Ghost of Tsushima Technique Point | Best Skills | Samurai, Ghost, Stances

Ghost of Tsushima Technique Points

Getting Technique Points in Ghost of Tsushima works fairly similarly to every single other game that has a leveling system. Now, the system is a bit different. As you earn experience points, you fill out a kind of progression wheel. The wheel has small circles on it, and whenever the bar reaches one of them, you get a Technique Point (or two, or three). When you complete a whole wheel, you jump up a level, and a new one begins. Lower-level wheels have two or three circles that grant Technique Points, while higher ones have seven, eight, or more. There’s a number of activities that grant you experience and, therefore, Technique points, so let’s list some of them.

  • Completing main quests – Jin’s Journey
  • Completing side quests – Tales of Tsushima
  • Visiting certain Points of Interest, like Lighthouses
  • Destroying Mongol territory bases, aka liberating camps
  • Completing Mythic Tale quests
  • Killing random bandit gangs

Best Techniques in Ghost of Tsushima – What Skills to Choose?

The best techniques, or skills, to take in Ghost of Tsushima will depend on your preferred play style. Maybe you want to focus more on stealth, or onto direct combat and parrying, or ranged combat with a bow. What we’ll show you here is basically a breakdown of our build, focused on stealthily clearing out as many enemies as possible, plus some alternatives for you to consider. Let’s get into it.

The first skill you should buy should be either Roll in the Evasion tree or Perfect Parry in the Deflection tree, both in the Samurai Techniques. Perfect Parry is for those of you that intend to face all enemies head-on in honorable combat. If, on the other hand, you want a more of an easy-mode experience where the goal is to never even give your enemies a chance to hit you, absolutely go with Roll. That’s the one we went with.

The second skill we’d recommend is in the Ghost Techniques, and it’s Safe Landing in the Assassination tree. This skill lets you negate almost all fall damage by rolling, which is useful for quick traversal. That’s not the point of getting this skill, though; the real purpose is getting to the next skill in the tree, which brings us to our next point.

Chain Assassination should definitely be on your list of unlocked skills in Ghost of Tsushima. It allows you to kill two nearby enemies in quick succession. In other words, it lets you dispatch more enemies without being noticed, which, as you might imagine, is incredibly useful. Plus, it looks really darn cool.

Now, for the fourth Ghost of Tsushima skill, let’s balance things out with a Stance Technique that’s useful for boss battles and other situations where hand-to-hand combat is inevitable. What we’d recommend is getting the Stone: Puncture move from the Stone Stance tree. To perform this move, you hold Triangle to charge an attack, and, when the enemy is in range, let go and tap Triangle again to unleash two brutal strikes that have a lot of range. We found Puncture to be pretty effective against bosses, and used it all the time.

The fifth and final Technique we’ll recommend is Flowing Strikes from the Water Stance. This tree isn’t available from the get-go, but you’ll unlock it by the time you get your fifth skill point. Flowing Strikes counterbalances the slowness and deliberateness of Puncture with fluid, fast-paced attacks, allowing you to switch up strategies if necessary. More importantly, however, the Water Stance lets you break through shielded enemies’ defenses without needing to dodge or parry them.

How to Choose Best Skills in Ghost of Tsushima?

As we’ve already stated, the best skills for you might be different than those we chose, depending on how you want to play the game. For example, if you want to go the stealth route, you might want to invest in Blinding Dust in the Ghost Weapons – Smoke Bomb tree in the Ghost Techniques. It’s a fantastic skill if you wanna be a bit of a Batman. Or, if you want to go ranged, you’ll definitely need Concentration in the Archery tree in Ghost Techniques in order to slow down time while aiming.

Ultimately, though, I wouldn’t worry too much about any of this. If you go through the game with even a slightly fine-toothed comb, you’ll get more enough points to unlock all of the skills. The only thing you need to sweat is what you want to get in the beginning to make your life easier, and our recommendations should prove pretty effective. However, you should amend it however you see fit, of course.

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