Ghost of Tsushima Hidden Altar Locations Map - Honour The Unseen Trophy

Honour the Unseen is a trophy in Ghost of Tsushima. In order to unlock it, you’ll have to bow at ten hidden altars across the map. It’s one of the hardest achievements to unlock, since the altars aren’t marked on the map, and they’re really easy to miss. There’s a sign next to each of them, but you can’t really notice it from a distance. This guide will help you unlock Ghost of Tsushima Honour the Unseen trophy by showing you ten hidden altar locations.

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Honour The Unseen Trophy – Hidden Altar Locations

Hidden altar locations

There are more than ten of them in total, but you only need to bow at ten in order to get the achievement. We’re going to show you the locations of the ones we’ve used – if you’ve already found some, you won’t need to check out all ten of these.

Hidden altar #1 – Izuhara Clearing

You’ll find the first altar at Izuhara Clearing, in the north of the Hiyoshi province of Izuhara island, west of the castle. It’s hard to miss – there’s a big tree in the middle of a white field, and the altar is next to it. Bowing there will make a red-breasted bird appear.

Hidden altar #2 – Kashine Forest

The next one is in Kashine, a province on Izuhara island. You’ll find it on the northern edge of Kashine Forest, in an ancient tree that also houses an Inari shrine. Bowing to it will summon a kaleidoscope of butterflies.

Hidden altar #3 – Isonade Coast

This altar is also in Hiyoshi, the northeastern Izuhara province. It’s on the eastern edge of it, on the road leading down to Isonade Coast. There’s a big stone statue of a frog at the altar, and bowing to it will summon an army of frogs.

Hidden altar #4 – Kechi Fishing Village

The next hidden altar is on the border between Hiyoshi and Komoda, on Izuhara. It’s on a wooden pier in the Kechi Fishing Village, west of the Jade Hills. Bowing to it will make a school of fish jump out of the river.

Hidden altar #5 – Kaneda Inlet

You’ll find this one west of the castle on Izuhara, by the Pillar of Honor at Kaneda Inlet. When you bow to it, a cast of crabs will appear out of nowhere.

Hidden altar #6 – Kashine Hills

Another altar can be found in Kashine Hills, in the west of Izuhara. Look for a big house surrounded by pink flowers. There’s a pond in front of it, with an Inari shrine. The altar is next to the shrine, and using it will cause a swarm of fireflies to appear.

Hidden altar #7 – Kashine Forest Graveyard

While you’re in the region, you can look for another one east from Kashine Forest, north of Lake Izuhara. There’s a cemetery there – once you reach it, look for an old, gnarled tree. There will be a Jizo statue under it, and a sign next to the statue. Bow in front of the sign, and you’ll witness a swarm of dragon flies appear out of nowhere.

Hidden altar #8 – Fishing Hut

This altar is in Toyotama, near the mouth of the easternmost river. If you start at Old Kanazawa Marsh and head south, you’ll find a fishing hut on the east side of the river. The altar is on a wooden pier there. Bowing to it will summon a school of fish.

Hidden altar #9 – Omi Lake

The next one’s also in Toyotama, in the Kubara province. You’ll find it on the western shore of Omi Lake, on a wooden pier near a big tree with red leaves. It’s one of those altars where fish appear after you bow.

Hidden altar #10 – Urashima’s Village

The last one is in the seaside mountains of the Kushi province, in the Toyotama region. You can reach it by going to the peninsula north of Urashima’s Village, then following the road up the cliff until you’re in a gorge filled with frog statues. Bow in front of the one with the sign, and a bunch of frogs will appear to keep you company.



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    I think there ia one in the kushi Grasslands. the yellow bird took me there and its a bunch of butterflies there but i dont know where to bow

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