How to Change Weather - Singing Cricket Locations in Ghost of Tsushima

The weather plays a big part in combat in Ghost of Tsushima. It can help you sneak past enemies or attack them unseen, but you have to have the right conditions. Instead of waiting for the weather to become favorable, you can use an accessory to change it manually. However, you’ll have to find a bunch of singing crickets first. This guide will show you how to change weather in Ghost of Tsushima, where to find signing crickets locations.

ghost of tsushima how to change weather
How to Change Weather – Singing Cricket Locations

Can you change the time of day?

Many players are wondering whether there’s a way to change the time of day by resting or something like that. Unfortunately, there isn’t. The only way to advance time is by fast traveling to a faraway place, but that might prove unhelpful, depending on the situation.

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How to change weather

In order to change the weather, you’ll have to play a special tune on your flute. Go to the gear menu, then select accessories. Choose the flute and pick one of the songs. To play it, you just have to swipe left on the touchpad. You don’t even have to listen to the entire song – the weather will change after a second or two.

There are four tunes, one for each type of weather. Only one is unlocked at the start, and you’ll need to collect singing crickets to unlock the rest. Before you do, you might have luck using fast travel – if you travel far enough, time will advance a fair bit, and there’s a chance the weather will change along with it.

How to clear weather – Sun’s Warm Embrace

The song you’ll get right from the start is called Sun’s Warm Embrace. Playing it will clear away any weather-related nuisances, like rain, fog or storms. It’s useful if you want higher visibility for any reason, like using a bow more effectively or scouting an outpost before coming up with a plan.

Stormy weather – Lament of The Storm

The Lament of the Storm is one of the songs you’ll unlock by collecting crickets. When played, it will brew up a storm on demand, with dark clouds, thunder and all that.

Fog weather – Shadows in The Fog

If you like sneaking around and taking down enemies one by one before they even realize you’re there, you’ll want to lower the visibility. Conjuring up fog is a great way to do this, and you can do that by playing the Shadows in The Fog tune. You’ll have to unlock it by collecting crickets first, though.

How to start rain – A Chorus of Raindrops

Rain not only decreases visibility, but also the range of hearing for many enemies. It’s as useful to sneaky assassins as fog, but in a slightly different way. If you want rain, you’ll need the song called A Chorus of Raindrops, which is unlocked through collecting singing crickets.

Singing Cricket Locations

There are twenty cages with crickets scattered across the game world. They are mostly hidden in cemeteries. There are ten of them in Izuhara, seven in Toyotama and three in Kamiagata. The maps below will show you their exact locations.

Izuhara singing crickets

ghost of tsushima izuhara singing cricket locations
  1. At a cemetery in the bamboo forest by the crossroads southwest from Hiyhoshi Inn.
  2. At the cemetery in Ariake, east from the settlement in the Golden Forest.
  3. At the graveyard in the east part of the river village.
  4. At the cemetery west of the castle, northeast from Kukai Falls.
  5. At the cemetery next to Wolf Cub Falls
  6. At the cemetery in the Golden Forest, east of Lake Izuhara.
  7. At the cemetery south of Wanderer’s Pass, between Kashine Forest and Yagata Forest.
  8. At Tsuzudama cemetery, a bit south from the mouth of the river.
  9. At the cemetery east of Exile’s Bluff.
  10. At the cemetery northwest of the village.

Toyotama singing crickets

ghost of tsushima singing cricket locations toyotama
  1. At the cemetery on Old Clan’s Hill, directly to the west from Yarikawa village.
  2. At the cemetery on top of Old Toyotama Hills, southeast of Turtle Rock Shrine.
  3. At the cemetery between the moss covered stones in the forest northeast of Omi Lake.
  4. In the graveyard in the Serene Forest, by the river east of Omi Lake.
  5. At Shimura Cemetery, near the river south of the castle in Kubara.
  6. At the cemetery north of Fort Koyasan, south of the castle.
  7. At the cemetery on the peninsula north of Urashima’s Village, east of the lake in Kushi.

Kamiagata singing crickets

kamiagata singing cricket locations ghost of tsushima
  1. At the cemetery on top of Guardian’s Ridge, west of the village in Sago.
  2. At the cemetery east of Tsurara Otoshi cliffs, north of the temple in Jogaku.
  3. At the cemetery on the northern slopes of Mount Jogaku, north of the temple.

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