Black and White Dye Merchants Map Locations - Monochrome Masters - Ghost of Tsushima

Purchase an item from Black and White Dye merchant is the requirement to get the Ghost of Tsushima Monochrome Masters trophy. In order to obtain the Monochrome Masters trophy, you have to buy one item from both the black and white color merchants. The crux of the problem here is that you have to figure out where to find the Ghost of Tsushima Black and White Dye merchant locations. Well, that’s exactly what we’ll show you in our Ghost Black and White Dye Merchant map locations Ghost of Tsushima Monochrome Masters guide. We’ll also show you what you can buy from the color merchants.

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black and white dye merchants monochrome masters ghost of tsushima
Black and White Dye Merchants Map Locations – Monochrome Masters – Ghost of Tsushima

White Dye Merchant Location in Ghost of Tsushima

The White Dye Merchant location in Ghost of Tsushima is on top of a rocky mountain in Wanderer’s Pass, in the area kinda between Kashine and Komoda, in northwest Izuhara. Interestingly enough, this is also where you can find the Kashine Bamboo Strike. You can check out the images below in case you need visual aid. You’ll know when you’re there, because there’s a whole bunch of white sheets hanging all over the place.

The wares of the White Dye Merchant include Bow Vanity gear, Armor colors, and Hats. The Bow gear is the Nine-Tailed Fox pattern for the longbow (5 Flowers), while the hat is the Pure Intent Headband (20 Flowers). As for the Armor Dyes (10 Flowers each), we’ve provided a list of them for you, and which armor they’re for. Mind, you will have to unlock some of these armors before you can get the dye.

  1. Graceful Pathfinder – Traveler’s Attire
  2. Moonlight Slayer – Ronin Attire
  3. Pure Reckoning – Kensei Armor
  4. Island Bulwark – Gosaku’s Armor

Ghost of Tsushima Black Dye Merchant Location

The Black Dye Merchant in Ghost of Tsushima is in east Toyotama, in the region called Kushi. East of Kawamata Village, you’ll find a bamboo forest, and inside the forest is a cave surrounded by sheets of black fabric. As you might be guessing already, the black color merchant is inside the cave. Again, check out the screenshots below for further assistance.

As for what the Black Dye Merchant sells, there’s Bow Vanity Gear and Armor Dyes. The Bow Vanity Gear is Piercing Shadows (5 Flowers) for your half bow. When it comes to Armor Dyes (10 Flowers each), once again, we’re going to provide you with a list of them below. Like with the white dyes, you will have to unlock some of the armors before you can purchase the dyes.

  1. Hunter at Dusk – Tadayori’s Armor
  2. Journey into Night – Traveler’s Attire
  3. Lord of Night – Sakai Clan Armor
  4. Unwavering Mountain – Gosaku’s Armor
  5. Shadow of Justice – Ghost Armor
  6. Dark Promise – Kensei Armor

So, now that we know where both the black and white color merchants in Ghost of Tsushima are, the only thing left is to figure out how to get the Monochrome Masters trophy. It’s simple; all you have to do is buy something from both of them. That’s it, that’s all you have to do.

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