Ghost of Tsushima Blacksmith - Grappling Hook in The Iron Hook Quest

The blacksmith in Ghost of Tsushima is an NPC that features in several different quests, including the Iron Hook main quest, in which you get the grappling hook. This tool is necessary to reach many locations in the game, including the Shinto Shrines, some Pillars of Honor, and more. So, the question is, where do I find the blacksmith, and how do I get the grappling hook. That’s what we’ll be covering in our Ghost of Tsushima Blacksmith – Grappling Hook in The Iron Hook Quest guide.

ghost of tsushima blacksmith grappling hook in the iron hook quest
Ghost of Tsushima Blacksmith – Grappling Hook in The Iron Hook Quest

Blacksmith Location in Ghost of Tsushima – Grappling Hook

The Ghost of Tsushima blacksmith location, from who you get the grappling hook, will be revealed during the Iron Hook main quest. The starting point is in the east of Komatsu Forge. The game will give you a big ole marker on the map, so it’s absolutely impossible to miss. The first step is to go and find Yuna, and after that, she’ll take you to the blacksmith. It’s only a short stroll from where you meet her to the blacksmith, called Taka, and have a chat with him. He’s going to give you the grappling hook, the kaginawa.

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From the Ghost of Tsushima blacksmith, the quest is pretty straightforward. You go and meet with Ryuzo, then the two of you travel to meet with the rest of the Straw Hats. After that, the group of you head to Fort Yatate. In order to break in, you’ll have to grapple up the cliff. That’s basically the game explaining how the grappling hook system works; a late tutorial, if you will. Then, simply beat all the Mongols, save the Straw Hat prisoners, and you’re done.

So, there you have it, that’s where you find the Ghost of Tsushima Blacksmith and get the grappling hook. If you need further assistance, check some of our other Tsushima guides that we’ve got for you. To list just a few, we’ve written Hiyoshi Springs Mythic Quest Not Spawning, Ronin Attire Location Map, and Charms – Shinto Shrine Locations.

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