Ghost of Tsushima Mask, Hat, Vanity Gear Locations Map

Vanity gear in Ghost of Tsushima includes masks, hats, helmets, headbands, sword kits, saddles and more. These items won’t affect your stats and skills – they’ll only change your appearance. There are hundreds of them, which means you’ll be able to finely customize Jin’s look until you’re perfectly content with it. This guide will help you by showing you Ghost of Tsushima mask, hat, vanity gear locations and what they look like.

Mask locations in Ghost of Tsushima

There are 26 different masks you can get in Ghost of Tsushima. Some are obtained through main and side quests, others are rewards for collectible hunting or rewards from the gift altar. Here’s a list of them all, with pictures and explanations of how to get them:

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NameHow to getPreview
Ghost MaskComplete From The Darkness main quest in Toyotamaghost mask ghost of tsushima
Glowering WarriorObtained from the gift altar in Izuharaglowering warrior mask ghost of tsushima
Sakai Half MaskUpgrade the Sakai armorsakai half mask ghost of tsushima
Sakai MaskObtained by upgrading the Sakai armorsakai mask ghost of tsushima
Adachi Half MaskComplete Masako’s last side questadachi half mask ghost of tsushima
Guardian’s ScowlA gift from the altar in Kamiagataguardian's scowl ghost of tsushima
Skeletal VengeanceFound in northeastern Kamiagata, in the stone cutters’ village southwest from Izumi Village. It’s in the largest building, on a table with an orange cloth and two wooden figurines.skeletal vengeance mask ghost of tsushima
Avenging LordGift altar reward in Izuharaavenging lord mask ghost of tsushima
Purity of WarComplete the Undying Flame mythic talepurity of war mask ghost of tsushima
Wolf of TsushimaComplete all 49 fox denswolf of tsushima mask ghost of tsushima
Nasu Baba’s WrathReward from gift altarnasu baba's wrath mask ghost of tsushima
Thief’s WrapDrop from gift altar at Golden Templethief's wrap mask ghost of tsushima
Ivory of WoeFound in southeastern Kamiagata, northeast from Castle Shimura, on the porch of a building in Kubara Crossing.ivory of woe mask ghost of tsushima
Venerable SpiritFound at the gift altarvenerable spirit mask ghost of tsushima
Sacred Mountain MessengerComplete all 16 bamboo strikessacred mountain messenger mask ghost of tsushima
Gosaku’s VisageUpgrade Gosaku’s armorgosaku's visage mask ghost of tsushima
Shattered Mask of TomoeComplete Ishikawa’s last taleshattered mask of tomoe ghost of tsushima
Conqueror’s MaskComplete Fit for The Khan side questconqueror's mask ghost of tsushima
Snows of KamiagataReward from the gift altarsnows of kamiagata mask ghost of tsushima
Brutal BanditObtained from the gift altarbrutal bandit mask ghost of tsushima
Haunted DreamsObtained from the gift altarhaunted dreams mask ghost of tsushima
Samurai Clan MaskUpgrade Samurai’s armorsamurai clan mask ghost of tsushima
Kijin’s BloodGift altar rewardkijin's blood mask ghost of tsushima
Seiryuu’s GlareFound in northwestern Kamiagata, in a factory building in Sago Mill, on a rope next to the lamp hanging from a wooden beam.seiryuu's glare mask ghost of tsushima

Hats, helmets & headbands

Hats, headbands and helmets all go into the helmet slot. We found just under seventy of them – some are quest rewards, others come from mythic tales, others still from finding collectibles. Here’s how to get them and what they look like:

NameHow to getPreview
Samurai Clan HelmetComplete Masako’s taleSamurai Clan Helmet Ghost of Tsushima
Samurai Clan Helmet RefinedUpgrade Samurai’s ArmorSamurai Clan Helmet Refined Ghost of Tsushima
Sword Master’s HatUpgrade Ronin AttireSword Master's Hat helmet Ghost of Tsushima
Sakai Clan HelmetComplete Ghost from the Past main questSakai Clan Helmet Ghost of Tsushima
Sakai Clan Helmet ImprovedUpgrade Sakai’s armorSakai Clan Helmet Improved Ghost of Tsushima
Sakai Clan Helmet RefinedUpgrade Sakai’s armorSakai Clan Helmet Refined Ghost of Tsushima
Tadayori’s Hat ImprovedUpgrade Tadayori’s armorTadayori's Hat Improved Helmet Ghost of Tsushima
Tadayori’s Hat RefinedUpgrade Tadayori’s armorTadayori's Hat Refined Helmet Ghost of Tsushima
Ghost HeadbandComplete From the Darkness main questGhost Headband Helmet Ghost of Tsushima
Patchwork Straw hatBought from a merchant in IzuharaPatchwork Straw Hat Helmet Ghost of Tsushima
Bowman’s Straw HatComplete Yuriko’s taleBowman's Straw Hat Helmet Ghost of Tsushima
Farmer’s Straw HatBought from a merchant in KamiagataFarmer's Straw Hat Helmet Ghost of Tsushima
Wood Spirit Straw HatFound in southeastern Toyotama. It’s in northeastern Akashima, in the middle of the swamp west from Marsh Rock shrine.Wood Spirit Straw Hat Helmet Ghost of Tsushima
Weathered Straw HatComplete Blood on the Grass main questWeathered Straw Hat Ghost of Tsushima
Wanderer’s Straw HatFound in southeastern Izuhara, close to a crossroads in Tsutsu, south from the Winding Mountain shrine. Follow the path downhill and look for a bamboo pole with the hat after the barrel cart.Wanderer's Straw Hat Ghost of Tsushima
Betrayer’s HatObtained by defeating Ryuzo in a duelBetrayer's Hat Ghost of Tsushima
Headband of UncertaintyComplete Akashima haiku in ToyotamaHeadband of Uncertainty Helmet Ghost of Tsushima
Headband of StrifeComplete Komatsu haiku in IzuharaHeadband of Strife Helmet Ghost of Tsushima
Band of The Second SonFound in northwestern Toyotama, on top of the highest building in Omi Monastery, southwest of Omi Village.Band of the Second Son Helmet Ghost of Tsushima
Headband of DefeatComplete Komodo haiku in IzuharaHeadband of Defeat Helmet Ghost of Tsushima
Forgemaster’s HeadbandFound in Izuhara, on the rafters in the Komatsu forge. You’ll have to go around the building to get onto the roof and jump in through a hole.Forgemaster's Headband Ghost of Tsushima
Headband of SurvivalComplete Otsuna haiku in ToyotamaHeadband of Survival Ghost of Tsushima
Healer’s HeadbandFound in southeastern Toyotama, in the tallest house in Akashima’s Village, on a wooden beam on teh second floor.Healer's Headband Ghost of Tsushima
Headband of PreservationComplete Kushi haiku in ToyotamaHeadband of Preservation Ghost of Tsushima
Sago Blue HeadbandFound in northwestern Kamiagata, on top of the highest building in Cedar Temple.Sago Blue Headband Ghost of Tsushima
Headband of SerenityComplete Hiyoshi haiku in IzuharaHeadband of Serenity Ghost of Tsushima
Gosaku’s Helmet ImprovedUpgrade Gosaku’s armorGosaku's Helmet Improved Ghost of Tsushima
Gosaku’s Helmet RefinedUpgrade Gosaku’s armorGosaku's Helmet Refined Ghost of Tsushima
Kensei Hat ImprovedUpgrade Kensei armorKensei Hat Improved Ghost of Tsushima
Kensei Hat RefinedUpgrade Kensei armorKensei Hat Refined Ghost of Tsushima
Headband of RebirthComplete Kubara haiku in ToyotamaHeadband of Rebirth Ghost of Tsushima
Chikurin HeadbandFound in southwestern Izuhara, on a beach east from Aoi Village and the hot spring. It’s pinned to a wooden boad with an arrow.Chikurin Headband Ghost of Tsushima
Headband of FearComplete Kashine haiku in IzuharaHeadband of Fear Ghost of Tsushima
Gyozen’s blindfoldFound in northeastern Toyotama, on top of a watchtower in southeastern Kubara, east from Fort Koyasan, west from the Secluded Lighthouse.Gyozen's Blindfold Helmet Ghost of Tsushima
Headband of RuinComplete Kin haiku in KamiagataHeadband of Ruin Helmet Ghost of Tsushima
Headband of DeathComplete Tsutsu haiku in IzuharaHeadband of Death Ghost of Tsushima
Headband of PerseveranceComplete Umugi haiku in ToyotamaHeadband of Perseverance Ghost of Tsushima
Crooked Kama HeadbandFound in northern Kamiagata, on top of the highest building in Jokagu Temple.Crooked Kama Headband Ghost of Tsushima
Chaos HeadbandComplete Norio’s last taleChaos Headband Ghost of Tsushima
Noble Fighter’s HeadbandComplete Norio’s taleNoble Fighter's Headband Ghost of Tsushima
Clear Summer HeadbandComplete Norio’s taleClear Summer Headband Ghost of Tsushima
Fierce Warrior’s HeadbandBought from mechant in IzuharaFierce Warrior's Headband Ghost of Tsushima
Headband of PeaceComplete Hiyoshi haiku in IzuharaHeadband of Peace Ghost of Tsushima
Kensei HeadbandComplete Six Blades of Kojiro mythic taleKensei Headband Ghost of Tsushima
Gosaku’s HeadbandComplete Unbreakable Gosaku mythic taleGosaku;s Headband Ghost of Tsushima
Pure Intent HeadbandBought from White Dye merchantPure Intent Headband Ghost of Tsushima
Mongol HelmetComplete Fit for The Khan side questMongol Helmet Ghost of Tsushima
Hinode HeadbandBought from merchant in IzuharaHinode Headband Ghost of Tsushima
Tora HeadbandBought from merchant in KamiagataTora Headband Ghost of Tsushima
Serpent Strike HeadbandBought from merchant in KamiagataSerpent Strike Headband Ghost of Tsushima
Warrior’s Sunset HeadbandFound in central Izuhara, on the roof of the highest building in the Golden Temple.Warrior's Sunset Headband Ghost of Tsushima
Plum Blossom HeadbandFound in central Toyotama, on the roof of the highest building in Kushi Temple.Plum Blossom Headband Ghost of Tsushima
Headband of RefugeComplete Ariake haiku in IzuharaHeadband of Refuge Ghost of Tsushima
Night Ocean HeadbandBought from merchant in KamiagataNight Ocean Headband Ghost of Tsushima
Kyoto Twilight HeadbandBought from merchant in IzuharaKyoto Twilight Headband Ghost of Tsushima
Natural VengeanceFound in northeastern Izuhara, on top of Ariake Lighthouse, southeast from Hiyoshi Springs.Natural Vengeance Headband Ghost of Tsushima
Headband of InvasionComplete Azamo haiku in IzuharaHeadband of The Invasion Ghost of Tsushima
Aozora HeadbandFound in northeastern Izuhara, near Sensei Ishikawa’s doj, north of Hiyoshi Springs. It’s on the cliff overlooking the city, next to a large flag and a basket full of arrows.Aozora Headband Ghost of Tsushima
Headband of StrengthComplete haiku in KamiagataHeadband of Strength Ghost of Tsushima
Headband of HopeComplete Sago haiku in KamiagataHeadband of Hope Ghost of Tsushima
Toyotama Straw HatFound in western Toyotama, in the Otsuna region, close to Yoshinaka Bay. Follow the road south from the bay until you spot a grave on a ledge. You’ll see the hat on a bamboo pole.Toyotama Straw Hat Ghost of Tsushima
Riverbed Straw HatFound in central Toyotama, north from Kushi Temple. It’s in the middle of a field, on top of a ruined wooden house next to a well.Riverbed Straw Hat Ghost of Tsushima
Ashen Straw HatUpgrade Ronin’s AttireAshen Straw Hat Ghost of Tsushima
Oni’s Blade Straw HatFound in eastern Izuhara, in the northeastern part of Kuta Farmstead in Ariake. Look for a water wheel on the edge of the field.Oni's Blade Straw Hat Ghost of Tsushima
TengaiFound in northern Kamiagata, in the northwestern corner of the frozen lake south from Jogaku Temple. It’s on a stick next to the two graves.Tengai Helmet Ghost of Tsushima Basket Hat
White HeadbandBought from White Dye merchantWhite Headband Ghost of Tsushima
Genbu Straw HatUpgrade the Ronin AttireGenbu Straw Hat Ghost of Tsushima
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