Ghost of Tshushima Charm of Inari - Best Charms

Charm of Inari is one of the best charms in Ghost of Tsushima. It’s a golden utility charm, and it will increase the amount of resources you get when collecting. It’s especially useful if you want to upgrade all of your armor sets and weapons. The good news is that you can get it pretty early on, in Izuhara, but you’ll have to break a sweat. This guide will show you how to get charm of Inari in Ghost of Tsushima.

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ghost of tsushima charm of inari
Ghost of Tshushima Charm of Inari – Best Charms

How to get Charm of Inari?

You can find the charm of Inari at one of the Shinto shrines on Izuhara. It’s the Arrow Peak Shrine, the one in the middle of Azamo, north from Azamo Foothills. Once you reach it, you’ll have to find your way up by scaling rocks, shimmying across ledges and jumping across gaps. When you reach the top, you’ll get the charm. If you need detailed instructions on how to solve the jumping puzzle, you’ll find them in our Shinto shrines guide.

As for what exactly the charm does – it increases supplies, predator hides, bamboo and yew wood gained from collecting. We’ve tested it – the increase is about 50%. It might not be especially useful when collecting bamboo (although you can sell excess bamboo for supplies), it’s extremely useful when gathering rare stuff, like predator hides.

It might not be the best charm overall, but it definitely is the best utility charm we’ve used. We haven’t take it off from the moment we found it, even though it uses up a gold charm slot. It greatly decreases the time spent farming a whole bunch of materials, allowing you to spend your time in game on more enjoyable pursuits. Inari truly is the deity of fertility and agriculture.

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