Ghost Armor Ghost of Tsushima - From the Darkness

Ghost of Tsushima Ghost Armor is basically the titular armor of the game, which turns you into what the title of the game refers to. So, of course, people are wondering where to find the ghost armor, and how to get it. As it turns out, all you have to do is be patient and keep pushing through the game. Trust me, you’ll become who you need to be eventually. If you still can’t wait, here’s our Ghost Armor Ghost of Tsushima – From the Darkness to explain everything you need to know.

ghost armor ghost of tsushima from the darkness
Ghost Armor Ghost of Tsushima – From the Darkness

Ghost of Tsushima Ghost Armor Location in From the Darkness – How to Get?

To get the Ghost Armor in the Ghost of Tsushima in the From the Darkness quest, you basically just have to complete the first step of the quest. Push through the main story until you get to Castle Shimura in Kubara. That happens about, halfway through the game or so, maybe a bit more. The first step of the From the Darkness quest is to find and speak with Yuna. She’s waiting in the corner of the castle grounds, next to a hole in the wall. Don’t worry, the game will show you where she is. Before you speak to Yuna, though, you can chat with the other people, too.

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Now, when you talk with Yuna, a brief cutscene is going to play. After that, you’ll immediately have the Ghost Armor and Ghost mask equipped. I won’t spoil what happens in the quest from here, but rest assured, it’s a cool mission. You’ve been waiting to be a true ninja, and this is where you truly get to be one, officially. You’ll be killing Mongols in a variety of sneaky ways. Don’t worry, the mission is straight-forward, you won’t get lost.

And that’s how you get the Ghost Armor in Ghost of Tsushima. If there’s something else in the game that’s bothering you, head over to our list of Tsushima guides. Among others, we’ve written Heavenly Strike Mythic Tale & Technique, Swordsmith, Armorer Map Locations, and Haiku Locations – Headbands.

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