Ghost of Tsushima Fox Den Locations - Inari Shrines

Fox dens are locations you can visit in Ghost of Tsushima. They’re usually in a hollowed out tree, and the foxes that live there will lead you to Inari shrines. These are small, hidden shrines, dedicated to the deity of agriculture. Finding an Inari shrine will increase your progress towards unlocking a minor charm slot, or a specific charm. There’s 49 of them in total, so if you can’t be bothered to look for them on your own, keep reading our Ghost of Tsushima fox den locations guide.

ghost of tsushima inari shrine locations
Fox Den & Inari Shrine Locations in Ghost of Tsushima
Since the foxes are the ones that will show you the exact locations of the shrines, we’ve decided to mark the locations of their dens on the map. The little critters will take over from there. The links below will let you jump to maps of specific areas:

Izuhara Inari shrine locations – Fox dens

ghost of tsushima izuhara inari shrine locations
  1. The fox den is on the crossroads southwest of the castle, near the burned village. The shrine is to the west from there, in a crevice near the river.
  2. The den is by a lone tree near the beach. The Inari shrine is east from there, between some rocks on the beach.
  3. The den is near the bridge. The fox will lead you north, down the river, to the waterfall. That’s where the shrine is, on a narrow ledge from which a tree grows.
  4. You’ll find the den by a pond south from Kukai’s Falls. The critter will lead you along the cliff to the shrine by the waterfall.
  5. This den is at a crossroads north of Kashine Forest. It’ll point you to the shrine, which is directly to the west from there.
  6. The fox can be found by the road south of the village. Follow it to find the Inari shrine a bit further south.
  7. The den is on the western coast of the island, under a tree by the cliffside road. The shrine is down the cliff and to the west.
  8. You’ll find the fox near the hut in the forest. Follow it and you’ll reach the shrine, which is a short hike to the northwest from there.
  9. The den is under a tree near the entrance to the forest by the coast. The creature will lead you down the hill to the beach, where you’ll find the Inari shrine.
  10. The den is by the road in the hillside, and the shrine is atop the rock outcrop overlooking the den from the east.
  11. You’ll find the fox den at the top of the cliff southwest from the settlement, at Exile’s Bluff. Follow the creature and you’ll find another Inari shrine to the west.
  12. The fox will be waiting for you by the road north from Azure Pond. Once it has your attention, it’ll lead you to the shrine, which is to the east.
  13. Look for the den at the crossroads north from the seaside hot spring. Follow the fox to the Inari shrine, which is by the pond to the northeast.
  14. The fox den is near the temple on the edge of the settlement. The shrine itself is down on the beach, to the southeast from there.
  15. You’ll find the den by the road near Sakimori’s Overlook. Follow the fox and you’ll find the Inari shrine southeast from there, on a ledge.
  16. The fox you find by the side of the road near the stronghold will lead you east, down to the beach, where the shrine is hidden.
  17. The den is north of the river, east of Houren’s Pasture. The shrine is to the northwest from there, up the mountain.
  18. This den might be a bit harder to track, since it’s a golden-leafed tree in forest filled with golden-leafed trees. Make sure you use the guiding wind once you’re near enough. The fox will then lead you up the mountain to the east, to the Inari shrine.
  19. Look for three trees in the middle of a meadow to find the den. Follow its furry inhabitant southwest and you’ll find another shrine.
  20. The den is located south of the crossroads where the survivor camp is. The Inari shrine is further southeast, at the tip of the peninsula.
  21. You’ll find the den by the waterfall, and the fox will lead you to a smaller waterfall north from there, which is where the Inari shrine is.
  22. Along the north side of the river, west of the settlement. The fox will lead you up the cliff and around, into an enclosed space with the shrine.

This guide is a work in progress. We’ll update it with more info as we go along.

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