Ghost of Tsushima Hide A Bow On Jin's Back

The bow is one of the main weapons in Ghost of Tsushima. It can be used to defeat enemies from a distance, and you’ll often rely on it, especially when you’re trying to go by unnoticed. When not in use, the bow will rest on your back. Some players aren’t happy about this, and would like to hide it altogether. This guide will show you how to hide a bow on Jin’s back in Ghost of Tsushima.

ghost of tsushima how to hide bow on jin's back
Ghost of Tsushima Hide A Bow On Jin’s Back

Can you hide the bow from showing on Jin’s back?

Yes, you can hide the bow on your back. There isn’t a dedicated button that will allow you to show or hide it at will, but there are a couple of methods that will let you fool the game into hiding it. The first is using an armor with a cape, like the Traveler’s Attire. The bow will disappear under the cape, and you won’t have to look at it.

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If you prefer using an outfit without a cape, there’s another trick you can use. Simply equip a black powder bomb, or any other item that shares the slot with the bow, by pressing L2 and left on the D-Pad. Since you can’t have the bow and the bomb equipped at the same time, the bow will be hidden (thanks to Daniel_f for the tip). Just don’t forget about it and chuck a grenade when you want to silently take down someone with a bow.

There’s no practical difference – hiding the bow won’t make you quieter or faster – but it’s a cosmetic change. If you’re interested in other vanity items, we’ve written about sword kits at length, we’ve covered armors and outfits, as well as the deluxe edition and preorder bonus items, which include a special skin set with a bunch of items.

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