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Haiku are are kind of collectible in Ghost of Tsushima. They’re particular spots where Jin can sit down and compose a short poem, which is supposed to be good for both the body and soul. In reality, it’ll give you a new headband each time you do it. There are 19 such locations, and making use of all of them will count towards the Body, Mind and Spirit trophy. If you’re having trouble finding some of them, and you just might, our Ghost of Tsushima haiku locations guide will help you.

ghost of tsushima haiku locations
Haiku Locations in Ghost of Tsushima

The haiku locations are scattered across all three maps. The links below will lead you to the sections of this guide dedicated to particular areas:

Haiku locations in Izuhara

ghost of tsushima haiku locations izuhara
  1. The first one is the Hiyoshi Haiku, found near the Hiyoshi Inn, on the edge of the Hidden Springs Forest. It’s near the peasant who’ll explain how the collectible works. You’ll get the Headband of Serenity from it.
  2. Next up is the Azamo Haiku. You’ll find it on the eastern coast, at the mouth of the river. It’ll give you the Headband of The Invasion.
  3. Then there’s the Ariake Haiku, which can be found on the tiny island in the middle of Lake Izuhara. Composing this poem will give you the Headband of Refuge.
  4. The Tsutsu Haiku can be found on the western coast of the island, on a ledge east of Lake Kunehama, overlooking the fishing village. The reward will be the Headband of Death.
  5. Follow the river to the west of the settlement, and you’ll find the Komatsu Haiku on an islet, visible from the top of the waterfall. Your reward for finding it will be the Headband of Strife.
  6. This one is also called the Hiyoshi Haiku, even though it’s on the other side of the river, almost in Komoda. You’ll find it near the eastern part of Kukai Falls. You’ll get the Headband of peace from it.
  7. The last one is the Komoda Haiku. You’ll find it by the pond at Wolf Cub falls, west of the settlement. Completing it will grant you the Headband of Defeat.

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