Ghost of Tsushima Swordsmith, Armorer Map Locations

Swordsmiths and armorers in Ghost of Tsushima are useful NPCs that help you by upgrading your swords and armors. So, needless to say, figuring out where to find the Ghost of Tsushima swordsmiths and armorers is pretty important. After all, upgrading your gear is pretty important, especially later on in the game when things start getting tougher. Well, that’s exactly what we’ll show you in our Ghost of Tsushima Swordsmith, Armorer Map Locations guide.

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ghost of tsushima swordsmith armorer map locations
Ghost of Tsushima Swordsmith, Armorer Map Locations

Ghost of Tsushima Swordsmith

izuhara swordsmith locations ghost of tsushima

Swordsmiths in Ghost of Tsushima are NPCs that you can find in fixed locations scattered around the map. Specifically, you can find them in specific towns. As their name implies, Swordsmiths are the places where you upgrade your swords, if you have what’s necessary. In the first region, Izuhara, there are only two swordsmith locations – in Komatsu Forge and the Golden Temple. The first one is in south Komatsu, while the other is in central Ariake. You can find the locations on the map above. Keep this in your mind, so that you can quickly come in for an upgrade and hop right back out.

Ghost of Tsushima Armorers

armorer locations ghost of tsushima izuhara

Armorers in Ghost of Tsushima are NPCs that, as you can guess from their name, upgrade the various armors that you come across during your adventures (see our Ghost of Tsushima Armor Locations, Attires & Outfits guide for more info). Much like the swordsmiths, the armorers are always in the same locations, in towns. In Izuhara, as you can see above, there are three armorer locations: in Azamo Bay, Komatsu Forge, and Golden Temple. Commit these to memory; you never know when you’ll need them.

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